Did These Swedish Cops School The NYPD?

Did These Swedish Cops School The NYPD?

Four vacationing Swedish police officers subdued a fight on an NYC subway while waiting for the NYPD to arrive. One brawler held down by a Swedish officer screamed “I can’t breathe,” but many people are commending the officers on their non-violent takedown.


The latest Scandinavian crime-fighting export: Moment four Swedish cops on holiday in New York answered the call of duty to stop a brutal assault on a subway train
The friends were on their way to see Les Misérables on Broadway when a conductor on the 6 train called for help
The men, who are all police officers in their native Sweden, wrestled the suspect to the floor and held him until NYPD could arrive
‘We’re no heroes, just tourists,’ says Uppsala, Sweden, police officer

Four burly Swedish cops put their New York City vacation on hold to answer the call of duty on a Manhattan subway train last night.

The friends were on their way to see Les Misérables on Broadway, DNA Info reports, and rushed in to stop a brutal assault on a crowded rush-hour 6 train.

‘We came here for vacation. We’ve been here one day. We’re no heroes, just tourists,’ Makrus Åsberg, a 25-year-old officer with the police Uppsala, Sweden, told the New York Post.   

Mr Asberg, along with Erik Naslund, Samuel Kvarzell and Eric Jansberger, subdued an enraged homeless man who was viciously beating another rider on the train.

The Samaritan Scandinavians stopped the violence and held the attacker until the NYPD could arrive, the Post reports.

Video from the incident shows Kvarzell and Asberg holding the suspect down and trying to calm him down as he screams.

‘I can’t breath! I can’t breath!’ he screams.

‘Take it easy, just calm down,’ Asberg tells him.

The friends sprang into action after a frantic conductor yelled over the intercom: ‘Are there any police officers on the train?’

As the train pulled into the Bleeker Street station, the Nordic lawmen found a homeless man pummeling another rider in the next car.

Via: The Daily Mail