Doof Tips with The Mad Max Guitar Guy

Doof Tips with The Mad Max Guitar Guy

Learn to doof on the flame guitar like a pro with these lessons from Mad Max’s most iconic character.


1. The Australian director, George Miller, admits he never thought he’d make a second Mad Max movie, let alone a fourth, but the idea for this latest instalment has been on his mind since 1999. “I kept on pushing it away,” remarks the 70-year-old, who also helmed the Happy Feet animated movies. “It came back and grew and grew, and I found myself saying, ‘I think we’ll be making another Mad Max movie’. I just didn’t realise it would take more than 12 years to be here with the finished film!”


2. The script was originally a storyboard concept comic book, around 300 pages long with no dialogue. Although speech has been added, it’s minimalist and often involving an action sequence, as the visuals take precedence. “One of the ideas that drove the first Mad Max was Alfred Hitchcock’s notion about making films that can be watched anywhere in the world without subtitles,” Miller says.

3. There were rumours that Mel Gibson was going to have a cameo, but as Miller notes: “By the time the planets finally all aligned, Mel had hit a lot of turbulence in his life, and it was also never meant to be a story about an older warrior. We were trying really hard to make this world authentic, and it didn’t make sense to suddenly have Mel appear. It would be like seeing Sean Connery appear in a Daniel Craig Bond film.”

4. Miller was looking for someone with ‘an animal charisma’ to play Max Rockatansky, and says that when Tom Hardy walked into the room, “he felt so much like the character”. Miller had seen him in movies like 2008’s Bronson, and began to realise that this was a guy who would take on anything. “It felt exactly like when Mel walked into the room 30 years before.”

5. British-born Hardy, 37, reveals he heard about the film on the casting circuit, but “didn’t think I’d be in the running”, assuming it would go to an Australian actor. But then he met (co-writer) Nick Lathouris and Miller, and things changed. “We talked about theatre for about three hours, and I fell in love with George, in a really cool way. He was going to revisit something that was clearly very important to him and I wanted to be part of that, to help transmute his vision,” explains the actor.

6. Like Hardy, Charlize Theron, 39, was entirely enamoured with Miller when she met “the man, the myth” over dinner, and was excited to hear there was going to be “this awesome female role”. In the movie, the South African actor plays Imperator Furiosa, a women with a buzz cut and a bionic arm who frees the ‘Five Wives’ being held by the Immortan Joe, the man controlling what’s left of the resources. She goes on the run with them, and Max gets caught up with the fleeing group. “She’s strong, vulnerable, broken, determined, furious, and she’s relying on her reptilian brain as much as Max is,” she says. “It’s do or die. Her objective in this film is to not die. That’s it, emotionally, physically.”