What is going on with Helix?!

What is going on with Helix?!

So they Cancel popular series like Warehouse 13 and Eureka and allow this madness to go on?
Given, the first season was pretty good and intresting in it´s own way, but seriously wth is going on in season 2?
It´s all very confusing and why do we keep watching. The acting is good though, maybe that´s why, because there isnt many more reason to keep watching.
Too bad that SyFy keeps ruining great series and adding less good stuff like this or maybe rather if they only could have invested in better writers for Helix, then maybe…

(and please dont mention 12 monkeys…sigh)

Helix 2×02 “Reunion” – Jordan discovers Alan, Peter’s brother, is a member of Brother Michael’s cult, but despite Alan’s warnings she and Peter refuse to leave the Abbey and continue to investigate how Soren became infected.

American Television Series


Set once more in a remote, isolated place, this time the island of St. Germain, inhabited by members of a religious community going back several generations, the second season takes place approximately fifteen months after the events of the first season, with regular sequences showing events taking place an additional thirty years later on the same island. Alan, who has been interrogating and then killing immortals in his search, has been discredited by the CDC. Peter leads the three-member team investigating a new outbreak on the island. In the future, Julia is on a quest of her own.