Listen to the new song by Sharon Van Etten 'Just Like Blood'

Listen to the new song by Sharon Van Etten ‘Just Like Blood’

Sharon Van Etten – “Just Like Blood”

The New EP ‘I Don’t Want To Let You Down’ is out June 9th on Jagjaguwar! Not to be missed!



Sharon Van Etten was born in Clinton, New Jersey[8] the daughter of a history teacher, Janice Van Etten, and a computer programmer, Stephen Van Etten.[9][10] Sharon Van Etten is the middle of five children, an older brother, two sisters Jessica and Laura, and a younger brother Pete.[10]

Her parents had a “big vinyl collection. We would always listen to it. We went to shows all the time of their favourite musicians and my brothers and sisters and I would pretend we were in a band together.”[10]

Van Etten grew up in Nutley, New Jersey,[4] where she lived at the corner of Prospect and Vreeland streets, attending Yantacaw Elementary School.[11] She sang in choir and studied clarinet and violin and piano.[11] Van Etten started singing in church choir. “My mom brought me to church every Sunday, and, I’m not a very religious person, but that was the one plus to going. I really liked the feeling of a lot of people singing together. The reverberations felt really amazing at a young age, and I didn’t really understand it yet.”[12]

Her family later moved to Clinton, New Jersey, where she attended North Hunterdon High School.[13] Van Etten said that although she sang in choir starting from 6th grade, she didn’t begin to take it more seriously until high school.[1] She taught herself how to play guitar: “I started writing songs, I guess, in high school when I was learning how to play guitar.”[12] Van Etten credits choir with teaching her how to sing harmonies.[14] In 6th grade she was part of a choir called The Mini Singers. Van Etten said that “it was a bunch of kids singing pop songs. I really, really liked that. It was the first time I learned how to sing harmonies.”[12] Van Etten was part of the high school choir group, The Madrigals, who performed a lot of classical pieces. Van Etten credits this training with how she learned how to write harmony.[12]

She moved to Tennessee to attend Middle Tennessee State University and studied recording, but dropped out of college after a year. Van Etten ending up working at the Red Rose, a coffee and record shop and music venue in Murfreesboro, for about five years.[5][15] Van Etten said she was writing songs then, but did not perform publicly.[11][16] Van Etten said the boyfriend she was with at the time wasn’t very supportive of her so she had to hide the fact that she wrote songs because he didn’t think she was good enough to perform in front of people.[10] After six years of being told that “her music was terrible,” Van Etten left the abusive relationship in the middle of the night and moved back to New Jersey to live with her parents. With their support, she said, “they took me under their wing and let me get my act back together.”