Mini Review LeVant: UnFinetude (EP)

Mini Review LeVant: UnFinetude (EP)

Mini Review LeVant: UnFinetude (EP)

LeVant or George D. Stănciulescu is a Romanian electronic and experimental music producer, composer / sound designer and PhD in Philosophy of Digital Music & New Media.

UnFinetude is a 3 track EP with complex atmospherical, structured sound collages, mostly dark and dystopic. On UnFinetude you can hear traces of both EDM and techno but the influences are incorporated in a rather radical way.

In 2016, Stănciulescu signed a record deal with The Sublunar Society and released the EPTone Skin. In 2017, UnFinetude, an avant-garde and more experimental EP, was released.

The Review

This new EP (out now with The Sublunar Society Label) is modern Avant Garde music at it´s best. It offers a uniqe style not conformed according to popular trends (even Avant Garde and experimental music has trends unfortunately which make many of them sound the same today …).
It offers the listener a pleasing ear adventure into the mind of LeVant and his many landscapes of sounds and unexpected sonical events.
It´s never boring or bland and still it´s not hard on the mind but rather puts the listener into a blissful state of restful expectation.
Listen and experience UnFinetude below, there´s simply nothing else to do! [Deb]

 Out now on iTunes, Spotify and all other streaming services

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