New From Broken Social Scene – “Halfway Home” , Listen now

New From Broken Social Scene – “Halfway Home” , Listen now
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New From Broken Social Scene – “Halfway Home” , Listen now

 The band began to play occasional festivals in 2015 and 2016, including a performance at the Electric Arena in September 2016. They released “Halfway Home,” the first single from their new album, on March 30, 2017. On March 30th 2017 they appeared on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert as musical guests and performed “Halfway Home”

Broken Social Scene is a Canadian indie rock band, a musical collective[1] including as few as six and as many as nineteen members, formed by Kevin Drew and Brendan Canning. Most of its members play in various other groups and solo projects, mainly in the city of Toronto.

The group’s sound combines elements of all of its members’ respective musical projects, and is occasionally considered baroque pop. It includes grand orchestrations featuring guitars, horns, woodwinds, and violins, unusual song structures, and an experimental, and sometimes chaotic production style from David Newfeld, who produced the second and third albums.

In 2009, Stuart Berman’s This Book Is Broken, which details the band from its inception to its critical acclaim, was published.[2] In 2010, Bruce McDonald made This Movie Is Broken, a movie about the band’s Harbourfront show during the 2009 Toronto strike.



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