New Supergirl TV Serie on the way?


Adapting comics from DC and Marvel (mainly) is no doubt the new money maker for the industry.
New series include Gotham, Constantine, and The Flash, Arrow (new season that is) are all DC adaptations launching this season.

But Supergirl? Hmm. In our opinion Gotham previews looks cheesy, the flash feels low budget, Arrow that has been out for a while feels ok. Constantine..meh. But its the same feeling with Marvels Agents Of Shield. It all just feels mildly intresting.

According to Bleeding Cool, DC is actively shopping around Supergirl, with Michael Green (producer on Gotham, American Gods, Smallville, and Heroes) attached to write and producer the series. Green also worked on the New 52 reboot of Supergirl with Mike Johnson. 

There has been plenty of press about neither Marvel and DC giving any female character a solo movie or TV show of late. But now Marvel have a Jessica Jones Netflix mini-series planned. Could DC Comics be the ones to make it ongoing? And a Supercharacter to boot?

Not at all as exciting as for example say The Walking Dead. So is The Walking Dead the best adaptation from comics to TV possibly?

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