Review: Allan Gutheim -‘Evolution’

Review: Allan Gutheim -'Evolution'

Review: Allan Gutheim -‘Evolution’

Artist: Allan Gutheim
Album: Evolution
Release Year: 2014
Label: Sublunar Society

Allan Gutheim is a Swedish avant-electronic composer and museum director. Gutheim is classically trained, with 15 years of study in Piano, Music theory and Composition. He has written music for films, theaters, ballets, art exhibitions and multimedia productions. Gutheim’s production also comprises books about music theory and the Swedish music industry.

During the 70s and 80s Gutheim was active at EMS – a Swedish, professional studio for electro-acoustic music and sound art. In 1988, he founded Allan Gutheim Music Production, from 1994 Real Time Music; a company for music production, music education and music consulting service.

In the 80s and 90s, Gutheim was the main teacher in Music theory and Digital music production at Kulturama (a school in Stockholm for artistic studies at the post-secondary level). In 1991, Gutheim went on to build his own studio in Stockholm, designed by Ingemar Ohlsson, the Abba studio designer. The studio was used for music production and music education. Two phonograms were produced before the studio closed its doors in 1996.

Allan´s own words about the album:

“The idea or concept  with  the Evolution album is a mixture of scientific and the religious history of the Earth’s evolution from creation to Revelation. Musically symbolized by heavy synths on the one then and clean acoustic instruments on the other. With sound effects illustrated even the earthy in the musical work. Each track should be more perceived as a part of whole than as separate parts, why go all the tracks into each other (aslife and evolution do). It has taken several years to complete this musical works, when it was created through a continuous and evolving process of personal feelings and expressions.”


The albums set´s of with heavy drums and brings an immediate feel of old movie music. It continues on with heavy, rich deep sounds and create an eerie feel that draws the listener in.
He seems to use a bit more older sounds when it comes to the synthesizer´s which gives the whole production a nice 80´s retro feel.
What comes to mind is the early music of Tangerine Dream (the 70´s). It is for sure an acquired taste but if you are into it, the best of the kind.
Again, it´s like listening to a movie. And we like it!
Other releases from Allan has recently been the albums: Stereo (2015) and Digital Audio(2015)

Verdict 8.0 (of 10)
Stand out Track: Evolution VI
The Bad: It does feel like an album from the 70´s/80´s (is that a bad thing?)
The Good: It is an unusual release in the sense that you wont hear a lot of these kind of albums made these days. And if it is your kind of music, it comes highly recommended.


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