Review: Armand Gutheim - "The Human Footprint"

Review: Armand Gutheim – “The Human Footprint”

So, if you all ready are taking a  double take on this, it is because we just made a review on his brothers album here.
Also check out the article feature on their Label Sublunar Society.

Artist: Armand Gutheim
Album: The Human Footprint
Release Year: 2015
Label: Sublunar Society

Armand´s own word on his album:

The new album “The Human Footprint”, and the preceding single “A
Marvelous World”, are both created as a result of the composer Armand
Gutheim’s longstanding commitment to the environment, nature, climate
change, environmental degradation, and his love for our planet. That’s
the recurring theme as well musically, dramatically and lyrically
which makes “The Human Footprint” a concept album in the good spirit
of the 1970’s.

The album is bound together in a kind of “eternal cycle of life”
through the, somehow, recurring sunrise and sunset. “Being on Cloud 9”
carries the magic seed of life itself both for good and for bad, and
in “Breathe Out Tonight”, we reach the realization that it is the pure
and simple love which is the whole point of existence.

The album was recorded at Mother Earth Studio in Stockholm where
initially synths, piano and other keyboards, played by the composer
himself, has been the basis. In a second step, the vocal efforts where
made by the lead singer, back singers and choirs, as well as the
recording of all natural acoustic sounds. After this, the musicians
followed each other to record all sorts of percussions, strings,
brass, guitars and more.

This means that the “The Human Footprint” is very much an acoustic
album recorded by musicians. Armand Gutheim have generally always been
very interested in the synthetics and electronics, but he believes
that the strength in giving life to the music is to combine it with
live musicians and acoustic instruments”


The Album is a very well produced album and send you off to a interesting trip in the land between modular sounds, samples and acoustic instruments. The tracks are all very short, ranging from 1-2 minutes with a few exceptions.

If you like the rock of the 80s and the production and song writing of Supertramp and the likes you will be intrigued by Armands album for sure.

Verdict 9.0 (of 10)
Stand out Track: Reduced Nature
The Bad: The tracks are sometimes a bit too short actually and feels like unfinished ideas.
The Good: What a great mix of a 90´s feel and a strange mix between rock and Synth sounds of the 70s-80s but with a modern production.


Armand Gutheim has for more than four decades been active as a composer, director, artist, choreographer and producer.
At the age of 8, Gutheim was accepted at the Royal Swedish Opera Ballet School. This was later followed by education in music, theatre and film in Sweden, France and Denmark, up to the university level.
Within the frame of the company, Gutheim has been working as a composer, director, artist and producer – with emphasis on music – for theater, musical, film and TV.
Among his clients has been the Royal Swedish Opera, Malmö Opera and regional music organizations.
As a composer Gutheim has worked in various fields. Within the serious modernistic music he has, e.g., created electro-acoustic music, works for chamber ensemble, percussion ensemble and piano. Within the popular music genre Gutheim has been dedicated to electronic music and musical theatre.
As a director and choreographer Gutheim has mainly created stage productions for a family audience. In recent years, he has created short movies, for which he has also composed the music.