Review: Grimes New Album 'Art Angels' Is A Complete Mess

Review: Grimes New Album ‘Art Angels’ Is A Complete Mess

So we had a listen to the new much awaited album Art Angels. And it is such a complete and utter mess of an album…
Remember that cool sound and the great songs of her last album Visions from 2012?
Well forget about it. This album has nothing even close to that sounds or style that felt so new and indie perfect back then.
We don’t mind her taking a step forward of course but this is just a mess. In what way you ask?

OK, here we go.
The tracks are a mix of styles and sounds and even genres. But not in a good way. In some tracks we feel that she try to sound like a less good version of M.I.A?
The songs are mediocre at best and there are no consistency whatsoever to make this feel like an album.
The best or most interesting track is probably SCREAM (listen below). This album feels like a messy fever dream of unfinished ideas and strange experiments which sometimes turn out fairly OK but not much more on this 14 track long album.
We were hoping so much more from you Grimes!
Hype this all the way you like, it´s simply not good enough, there are so many with less attention that creates much greater things than this…

Very disappointing all in all.  3 out of 10