Röyksopp have premiered a brand new music video for "Skulls"


Norwegian duo Röyksopp have premiered a brand new music video for “Skulls,” the latest single take from their final LP, The Inevitable End. Directed by Stian Andersen, the black-and-white visual oozes creepiness, following a bunch of youth as they venture out in the middle of nowhere to a cabin to drink and dance. Hosting the whole enterprise is the cabin’s actual 83-year-old owner, who also stars in the video.


‘Skulls’ was the first track taken from the album ‘The Inevitable End’, a song that comes with an invitation and a stark warning, set amongst squelchy bass lines and filtered synths.

Norwegian director and long time collaborator Stian Andersen made the haunting black and white film that accompanies the song.

It follows the ominous journey of Svein and Torbjørn with friends and 83 year-old Adolf into dark woods and dark places.