Stephen King´s 'The Stand' likely to become a TV Mini Series

Stephen King´s ‘The Stand’ likely to become a TV Mini Series

Instead of four movies, we could now be getting Stephen King’s The Stand adapted as a TV miniseries and one big film…

You may have heard that Stephen King’s The Stand was set to finally become a movie series. There’s a chance you might have seen us speculating about a potential shared Stephen King movie universe, too. Well, now, Warner Bros. and CBS Films’ plans with The Stand may have changed somewhat.

Previously, we had been told to expect four movies. Today, news has come to light suggesting the existence of an eight-part stage-setting TV prelude. The Fault In Our Stars director Josh Boone was already on board for the film saga, and is believed to be in talks to helm this television event.

Here’s the clincher – no one seems to be mentioning whether the eight TV episodes have taken the place of some of the movies. In The Wrap’s breaking news report, they seem to be talking about the TV series and one singular movie. Could the TV lead-in have negated the need for three more films, then? Is that a decision film execs would really make? As we said, this has all been described as people ‘in talks,’ nothing is concrete yet.

The potential TV series has been described as a ‘star studded miniseries’ and is believed to be shot at the same time as said film. This sounds like a whole new approach to movie making – not a spin-off TV series, a la Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D., but one humungous project shot together. A similar structure was once linked to The Dark Tower series, which has beenresurrected recently over at Sony.

This one cohesive production of The Stand is believed to start shooting early next year. The home for the show would apparently be Showtime.

If you’re unfamiliar, The Stand is a 1000-page book that chronicles a post-apocalyptic-virus USA struggling in a battle between good and evil.

When we have official confirmation or denial of this new approach, we’ll let you know.

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