VICE: Big Wave Surfing in Mexico

Check out VICE Documentary:  Big Wave Surfing in Mexico

The Pacific currents dragged us all the way to Punta Zicatela’s waves, in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, the Mexican surf capital. We went there to meet Carlos Coco Nogales, one of the best pro surfers in Mexico. At 10, Coco was living on the streets of Mexico City, when he decided to move to Puerto Escondido with one thing on his mind: search for the planet’s biggest waves and surf them as if there was no tomorrow.

At 17, he started to appear on international magazines to become one of the best-known surfers in Mexico, specializing in big waves. Coco is a legend in Puerto Escondido, where he has become a mentor for the new generations and an activist in the struggle for the preservation of the beaches in Oaxaca.

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