Watch Björk´s new "Family" Video

Watch Björk´s new “Family” Video


Björk has shared the video for “Family” from her latest album, Vulnicura. A collaboration between Björk and Andrew Thomas Huang (who also directed the “Black Lake” video currently on view at Björk’s MoMA retrospective), the clip shows Björk sewing herself back together and bringing to life the awesome artwork from the physical release, which is in fact a still from the video.[via Pitchfork] Check it out below via FACT.

the video for ‘family’ was created in collaboration between björk and andrew thomas huang. the video depicts a moving cover of her current album ‘vulnicura’.


Vulnicura is the ninth studio album by Icelandic musician and singer Björk. It was produced by Björk, Arca and The Haxan Cloak, and released on 20 January 2015 by One Little Indian Records. Björk said the album expresses her feelings following her breakup with artist Matthew Barney.

Vulnicura was originally scheduled for release in March 2015, in conjunction with the Björk: Archives book and an exhibition about Björk’s career at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City; following an internet leak, it was released on iTunes two months early.


After completing the tour for her previous project Biophilia (2011), which featured a series of apps and instruments created especially for the live show, Björk expressed interest in using the same instruments for her next project.[3] She told The Independent: “I happen to know some of the best app programmers in the world, and I have the instruments I can just plug straight into the iPad and play whatever I have. So it seems kind of natural to work on an album where I don’t have three years of prepping. But at the same time, it is a kind of extreme project.”[4]

In May 2013, Björk told the San Francisco Bay Guardian that she was in the early stages of a new album.[5] In the same month, she told the San Francisco Chronicle she had “enough songs that I’m ready to see the next thing.”[6]

The Haxan Cloak was one of two major collaborators for the album, providing mixing as well as additional production for the track “Family”.

Venezuelan producer Arca co-produced Vulnicura.[7] Björk approached Arca after his manager sent her Arca’s mixtape &&&&& (2013);[8] Arca then DJ’ed at Björk’s Biophilia Tour afterparty and the two started working together afterwards.[8] Björk was not aware of Arca’s work with Kanye West and FKA twigs (on Yeezus and EP2, 2013) but she soon appreciated it along with Arca’s knowledge of her own discography.[9] Arca described working with Björk, which he refers as a musical inspiration, as “healing”, and said: “The way she exists as a human is a big influence on the way I exist as a human.”[8][10]

On 7 October 2014, Björk announced on her Facebook page that she would not attend the British premiere of her concert film Björk: Biophilia Liveat the BFI London Film Festival because she was too busy working on the album, and confirmed a 2015 release date.[11][12] British musician and producer The Haxan Cloak announced on Twitter on 6 January 2015 that he had worked on the album, calling the collaboration “an honour”.[13][14]

On 14 January 2015, Björk posted a handwritten note on her Facebook page announcing the album’s title, Vulnicura, its track list and a March 2015 release date.[15][16] Vulnicura means “Cure for Wounds” (Vulnus + Cura), and Björk described it as “a more traditional album than Biophiliafor what concerns songwriting. It’s about what may come to a person at the end of a relationship. It talks about the dialogues we may have in our heads and in our hearts, the healing processes.”

The album is primarily composed of string arrangements and electronic beats, as a return to the sound Björk worked on her 1997 albumHomogenic. In an interview with Pitchfork, Björk exposed how working on string arrangements served as a way to keep her mind busy after her breakup: “The only way I could deal with that was to start writing for strings; I decided to become a violin nerd and arrange everything for 15 strings and take a step further.”[17]

The involvement of Arca came in late stages of the writing process, which Björk described as “such a contrast, the most fun music-making I’ve ever had, with the most tragic subject matter […] I just sat next to [Arca] for weeks, and we did the whole album. It’s the quickest I’ve ever worked […] It’s one of those crazy things in life where people from opposite ends meet, and you’ve got so much to teach each other.”[17]

On 18 January 2015, just days after being publicly announced, and two months ahead of its scheduled release, a supposed full version of the album leaked online.[18][19] At the time, no official release date or cover art was confirmed, neither was announced the featuring of Hegarty on “Atom Dance”.[19][20] The illegal leak was compared to the one that happened to Madonna and her album Rebel Heart, whose several songs in their demo form were leaked online during late 2014.[21]

The album’s release date was pushed up to January 20, becoming available via iTunes.[22]

The artwork was designed by longtime collaborators M/M (Paris). The digital cover, was photographed by also longtime collaborators Inez and Vinoodh: “She said she wanted to have a wound on her body, on her heart area, in an abstract way […] Imagine you’re Mata Hari, a seductress, but you’re wounded, and there is an incredibly alluring softness around you.”[23] On the cover, Björk wears a black latex suit, a wound on her chest and a headpiece made of quills, which she already wore during the last stages of her Biophilia Tour. Björk clarified that, during the time in between the two albums, the Vulnicura cover character started surfacing.[24] The main color of the artwork is yellow, since Björk links this color to the “healing” process.[25]

For the physical release, a second cover art was made by Andrew Thomas Huang and Björk herself for the deluxe limited edition of the album. The artwork comes in an acetate slipcase.[26]

On 7 January 2015, Björk was announced as one of the performers of the 2015 Governors Ball.[39] It was her first confirmed appearance since the conclusion of the Biophilia Tour and her first concert in New York City since 2012.[40][41]

On 16 January 2015, the singer confirmed the upcoming Vulnicura Tour by announcing six dates through March and April in New York, where she will perform at the Stern Auditorium at Carnegie Hall and the New York City Center.[42][43] On Twitter, Björk confirmed that Arca would play with her on selected dates.[44][45]

Date City Country Venue
North America
7 March 2015 New York City United States Carnegie Hall
14 March 2015
18 March 2015 Brooklyn Kings Theatre
22 March 2015
25 March 2015 New York City New York City Center
28 March 2015
1 April 2015
June 5/6/7, 2015 Randalls Island Park
5 July 2015 Manchester United Kingdom Manchester International Festival
11 July 2015 Trenčín Slovakia Pohoda Festival
16 July 2015 Ostrava Czech Republic Colours of Ostrava
20 July 2015 Lyon France Grand Théâtre de Fourvière
29 July 2015 Rome Italy Auditorium Parco della Musica[46]
2 August 2015 Berlin Germany Spandau Citadel
7 August 2015 Oxfordshire United Kingdom Wilderness Festival