Watch Neneh Cherry perform "Buffalo Stance" - Pitchfork Music Festival 2014


Neneh Cherry performs “Buffalo Stance” at Pitchfork Music Festival 2014. See the original Video from 1988 (!) as well below.



The Original Music Video from 1988 (!)


Cherry was born in Stockholm, the daughter of Monica “Moki” Cherry (née Karlsson), a Swedish painter and textile artist, and Ahmadu Jah, a Sierra Leonean drummer. Jah was born in Sierra Leone, the son of a chief. He left for Stockholm to study engineering at university.

Cherry’s mother married Don Cherry, an American jazz musician, who helped raise her since birth. She took her stepfather’s surname.

Cherry has a half-sister, singer Titiyo, and half-brother, record producer Cherno Jah, from her father Ahmadu Jah’s marriage to Maylen Jah (née Bergström). Cherry also has a half-brother, musician Eagle-Eye Cherry, a stepsister, violinist Jan Cherry, and a stepbrother, jazz musician David Ornette Cherry from stepfather Don Cherry’s side.

Cherry’s parents, Moki and Don Cherry, bought a house in 1970 in the countryside outside the small town of Hässleholm in Sweden, in an old schoolhouse that was built in the turn of the century. On her home, “The way they were, with their creativity, their art…the music, and their idea of how they wanted to live, was all very much connected. They had an idea that they wanted to create together, with other people. So our house was an ‘open house.’ A lot of people visited, a lot of musicians came. That upbringing has definitely filtered through into who I am and the way I live.”

In the early 1970s, the family moved to the United States, when Don Cherry taught at Dartmouth. Cherry recollects: “So we always came back to New York, where his peers were, like Ornette Coleman. In 1977, we moved into a permanent place, a loft in Long Island City. Talking Heads and Ernie Brooks of the Modern Lovers lived in the same building.”

At the age of 14, Cherry dropped out of school and moved to London.