10 Great Albums of 2014 (that you might not have heard yet)

(Photo: Gemma Ray by Alisa Presnik.)

10 Great Albums of 2014 (that you might not have heard yet)

This is the time of the year that many magazines and sites drop their 10, 20 or 100 best album picks of the past year. We don´t want to call our list “The Best Of” as we think taste are so different. Further, it seems like most of the lists we have read are very generic and honestly, very boring.
Some lists we have read are just awful. Like claiming that U2´s new album is the album of the year!?
Some other choices feel a bit, well hipster correct, even if we agree with that they are good albums (for example SWANS -To be kind, FKA Twigs or St Vincent). Sure they are good or even great albums. But we thought we are gonna do a list we some outsiders, maybe for some anyway and introduce you to some new music and great achievements of music this past year. It´s not maybe, the best list of the year. But it´s for sure a list of worthy mentions of great albums of 2014 outside of the (maybe) obvious one´s…

And also, before we get to it. These albums were no where near as close the hype that surrounded them: Thom Yorke -Moderns Boxes, Scott Walker -Soused, Jack White -Lazaretto and Aphex Twin. All Totally overrated. (Not to mention U2, the most overrated band ever…)

John Foxx and Steve D´Agastino -Evidence Of Time Travel
When it comes to electronic music, this might be the highlight of the year from old Ultravox legend John Foxx. He keeps pushing out new material. Maybe all not in the same style or level. But this one stick out as something very elegant, sophisticated and new.
All hipsters should be on their knees for this. What an excellent album!

Tricky -Adrian Thaws
Say no more. It´s Tricky allright? And he delivers yet another great album.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour -Bring Us Together
This great Danish band of 2 people have done well in the past as well, but this recently released album is a great nod back to the manchester pop roots and great dub vibe of the good old 90´s.

Anna Calvi -One Breath
St. Vincent has gotten a lot of hype this year and for good reason. Many list her last album as the album of the year. We disagree with that and we think her earlier stuff is way better. But this is not about her. Anna Calvi deserves the same hype. It´s about time. One Breath is an even better album than her last which was also a great album. This might even be one of the very best albums of the year.

Sharon Van Etten -Are We There
Oh, the loveley Sharon. We have loved her previous albums too. But she keeps getting even better.
Our female Leonard Cohen if you will. Listen and get hooked.

Ramona Lisa -Arcadia
Another female we are infatuated with since her time in Chairlift. Her solo product Arcadia is in our opinion very close to be one of this years best albums all categories. This albums is what Adobe would sound like of Billy Corgan were female? OR maybe not. But it´s still crazy good.

Wye Oak -Shriek
This album just makes us so happy. It´s so poppy and with great melodies. And what might be the best Bass grooves on any album this year.

Elysian Fields -For House Cats And Sea Fans
They have been around for a while now. And their albums are something special. Give them a listen they deserve it!

Ed Harcourt -Time Of Dust
Well. It´s very gloomy and dark. But who does not like that? Not for suicidal persons…but what a great mini album! Ed does it again…

Gemma Ray -Milk For Your Motors
Milk for motors is the sixth album by the Basildon-born, Berlin-based singer-songwriter. Just out. Don´t miss it if your into her sound you´ll love it!



And yes, we know. There are so many more albums from this music year. But we can´t be bothered to do a 100 list and we don´t like to rate. Cause it´s all about the taste, ey? These mentions above are just worth a little more attention than they all ready had over the past year and we cant endure hearing more about Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift and that bunch…