10 Useless Facts about Paramore Or Rather Hayley Williams

10 Useless Facts about Paramore Or Rather Hayley Williams
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1. The road to Paramore began in 2002 when a 13-year-old Hayley Williams moved to Franklin, Tennessee and met brothers Josh and Zac Farro. Williams was part of a funk cover band, The Factory, with bassist Jeremy Davis, and these four teamed up and went on to officially form Paramore in 2004.

10 Useless Facts about Paramore Or Rather Hayley Williams

10 Useless Facts about Paramore Or Rather Hayley Williams
2. Prior to Paramore, Williams took vocal lessons with Brett Manning. Manning has also worked with the likes of Taylor Swift and Keith Urban.

3. Atlantic Records signed 14-year-old Williams in 2003 with the hope of making her a pop star. Williams resisted however and her passion for performing alternative rock music with a band behind her eventually saw the label agree and do things her way. A management team were put together for the band, including former Creed manager Jeff Hanson.
10 Useless Facts about Paramore Or Rather Hayley Williams

Singer Hayley Williams, of the band Paramore, arrives at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards in Culver City, California April 14, 2013.  REUTERS/Phil McCarten   (UNITED STATES  Tags: Entertainment) (MTV-ARRIVALS)
Singer Hayley Williams, of the band Paramore, arrives at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards in Culver City, California April 14, 2013. REUTERS/Phil McCarten (UNITED STATES Tags: Entertainment) (MTV-ARRIVALS)

10 Useless Facts about Paramore Or Rather Hayley Williams
4. Bassist Davis is quoted as being unsure of the band’s potential to begin with, due to the drummer only being 12 years old. He said: “I had very, very, very, little faith in everyone in the band because of their age. I remember thinking, ‘This is not going to work because this kid is way too young’, but that first day of practice was amazing. I knew we were on to something.” Davis was obviously right, as the band went on to receive a 2008 Grammy Award nomination for ‘Best New Artist’, just losing out to Amy Winehouse.

5. The name ‘Paramore’ came from the maiden name of one band member’s mum, with the spelling ‘paramour’ meaning ‘secret lover’.

6. Josh Farro has spoken about the band’s Christian beliefs influencing their music. He said: “Our faith is very important to us. It’s obviously going to come out in our music because if someone believes something, then their world view is going to come out in anything they do. But we’re not here to preach to kids, we’re out here because we love music.”


10 Useless Facts about Paramore Or Rather Hayley Williams

10 Useless Facts about Paramore Or Rather Hayley Williams

7. Paramore’s musical influences include Jimmy Eat World, Death Cab for Cutie and New Found Glory.

8. December 2010 saw the departure of two of the band’s founding members, Josh and Zac Farro. The remaining members of the band announced the news through their website and stated: “We want Josh and Zac to do something that makes them happy and if that isn’t here with us, then we support them finding happiness elsewhere.” However, despite the band’s support, Josh Farro hit back on his Blogger account referring to the band as a “manufactured product of a major-label” and accused Williams of being manipulated by her management and claimed she was in fact the only member of the band who actually was signed to Atlantic Records.

9. Paramore have achieved huge success with their albums and both Riot! and Brand New Eyes have achieved platinum and gold success in a number of countries. Songs ‘Decode’ and ‘I Caught Myself’ both featured on the Twilight soundtrack.

10. On December 6 2012, Paramore announced that their fourth album will be released in April. Former Nine Inch Nails and Lostprophets and current Angels and Airwaves drummer Ilan Rubin will join current band members Hayley Williams, Jeremy Davis and Taylor York.






Hayley Nichole Williams[1][2] (born December 27, 1988)[3] is an American singer, songwriter and musician who is best known as the lead vocalist, occasional keyboardist and primary songwriter of the American rock band Paramore

Hayley Williams was born to Joey and Cristi Williams, in Meridian, Mississippi. She has two younger half sisters.[5][6] As a result of her parents divorcing in 2002, Williams moved to Franklin, Tennessee.[7][8] She met former band members Josh and Zac Farro in her new school.[4][9] While still at school she tried out for a local funk cover band, The Factory, where she met Jeremy Davis

Williams was discovered in 2003 by managers Dave Steunebrink and Richard Williams, who signed the 14-year-old to a two-year production deal.[11] At the time she was writing pop songs with songwriters in Nashville.[11] Williams was introduced to Atlantic Records A&R Tom Storms through Richard Williams’ attorneys Jim Zumwalt and Kent Marcus, and then signed to the label by Jason Flom. The label’s original plan for their new artist was to make her a solo pop artist but Williams objected to this, saying that she wanted to be part of a band and play pop punk music.

Paramore on the 2010 Honda Civic Tour

Atlantic decided to go along with her wishes, and she then formed Paramore with Josh Farro,Zac Farro, and Jeremy Davis.[11] The music of Paramore was originally supposed to come out on Atlantic Records, but the label’s marketing department decided it would be better for the image of the band to not have them attached to a huge label. They instead released their music through a “cooler” niche label, Fueled by Ramen.[11] The band’s debut album, All We Know Is Falling, was released in 2005 when Hayley was only 16 years old. Paramore has later released three more studio albums, Riot! (2007), Brand New Eyes (2009), and the self-titled Paramore (2013). In June 2009, the band welcomed Taylor York (rhythm guitar) as an official member, although he had already been playing as a touring member with the band since 2007. In December 2010, two of the founding members of Paramore (Josh and Zac Farro) left the band. The news was posted by Williams on Paramore’s web site, with Josh later posting a controversial blog post confirming their departure.

In 2007, she made an appearance in the music video for “Kiss Me” by New Found Glory.[12]

In the 2007 Kerrang! Readers’ Poll she finished second to Evanescence‘s Amy Lee in the “Sexiest Female” category,[13] going on to win the first place spot for “Sexiest Female” a year later in the 2008 poll,[14] and again in the 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 poll. She also appears as a playable character in the video game Guitar Hero World Tour after completing “Misery Business” in the vocalist campaign.

Williams wrote and recorded the song “Teenagers”, which was featured in the soundtrack for the feature film Jennifer’s Body. After the release of “Teenagers”, Williams stated that she had no plans to establish herself as a solo artist.[15] In 2010, she appeared on the tracks “Airplanes” and “Airplanes, Part II” from alternative rapper B.o.B‘s debut album,B.o.B Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray.[16] When it was released as a single, “Airplanes” ed within the top ten in nineteen countries, including number one peak positions in the United Kingdom and New Zealand.

Williams performing at the Circuito Banco do Brasil festival in São Paulo, Brazil, November 1, 2014

In 2006, Paramore toured outside of the US for the first time, which included a headline tour of the UK and supporting post-hardcore rock band The Blackout on the Give It A Name Festival in Europe. In March of 2013, Williams announced she was partnering with MAC Cosmetics for the release of a new makeup collection on April 9, 2013.[17]

EDM producer Zedd and Williams collaborated on the track “Stay the Night“, which was released later in 2013 from his debut studio album, Clarity.[18] Williams was honored with the “Trailblazer Award” in the 2014 Billboard’s Women in Music Awards for making a unique mark in music and paving the way for other artists.[19] She was also in the music video for “Bad Blood” starring as The Crimson Curse.


Alternative Press states that Williams “has more charisma than singers twice her age, and her band aren’t far behind in their chops, either.”[20] Singer-songwriter John Mayer had praised Williams’ voice in a blog in October 2007, calling her “The great orange hope”; “orange” in reference to her hair color.[21]

In 2015 she hosted Popular online TV show Kiss-Off.[22]

Personal life

Williams is a Christian and regularly discusses her faith in relation to her music, but has been critical of the judgmental nature of some in the Christian community. The Farro brothers cited differing attitudes on faith as contributing to their exit from Paramore.[23][24]

Since 2008, she has been in a relationship with New Found Glory‘s lead guitarist Chad Gilbert. On December 31, 2014, Williams confirmed that she and Gilbert had become engaged, after being proposed to on Christmas Day.