7 Of The Worst TV Intro´s Ever

7 Of The Worst TV Intro´s Ever

So it´s time to list 7 of the worst TV intro´s we have ever seen. We are sure that we missed some, but these one´s should be up there in the top. Do you have your own suggestions? Let us know by commenting below or on our Facebook Page or even better, On Twitter!

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So here it is, from worst to, well, less worse….

1.Star Trek: Enterprise (2001-2005)

Ok, so the show is more than OK in Star Trek ratings. But the intro….wow. It´s made of some leftovers from Bon Jovie´s clogged drain. It is cringe worthy cheesy and horrid and does not in any way contribute to the sci-fi feel or compared to the other Star trek series intro´s. What and why and who and what were they thinking!? URGH! Sorry Trekkies, but this takes the #1 place in worst intro´s ever.’


2.Buffy The Vampire Slayer (1997-2003)

Ok. fair enough. It is one of the best or even THE best, smartest written TV series ever. But every freaking episode we had to endure that horrid nightmare of bad teenage band fuzzy rock grunge crap whatever intro.
Fast forward!



3. Hells Kitchen (2005-…)

Yeah, so here´s a surprise for ya´ll…Someone thought…not at all.
Let´s make a intro which delivers the same stress level as the show does with different silly themes every season. What about we throw in a djungle theme or how about a Gladiator theme? What and why. Just No Nooooooo….


4. Community

Silly silly silly. Is it a great show, maybe. But the intro. Sigh. Some CGI bullshit that looks like a childrens program more than a comedy. Bah. NEXT!

5. New Girl(2011-…) 
Stop trying so hard. Stop trying to be cute. Stop the silly 90´s posing and quirky cardboard things.
Is this show still around? We don´t know and we don´t CARE


6. Friends (1994-2004)
Is it your favourite show ever? Well, we cant endure to hear this intro tune one more time without starting to bleed violently out of our ears…



7. Homeland (2011-)

This is/was a truly great show. Especially the first season. If you just can Yawn your way through this intro that under achieved in a Major way compared to the actual series…