A Great New Release From Barry Prophet - 'Sound As Instrument & Art' Part #1

A Great New Release From Barry Prophet – ‘Sound As Instrument & Art’ Part #1

Don´t miss out on this new great release from The Sublunar Society from Canadian composer Barry Prophet.
The Album Sound As Instrument & Art  is part 1 of 2 and will be released this Friday 20th of Nov 2015.

Listen to the Exclusive Teaser Preview below!

Barry Prophet Teaser “What Are We Doing”

Track list  Sound As Instrument & Art Part #1:
1 Secrets
2 Not the Anvil Chorus / Clang Farbin Anyone
3 Semi Temporal
4 What are We Doing
5 Vulcanized
6 Name That Dance
7 Chain Rain Rhythms
8 Sometimes I Think (excerpt)
9 Electrospheric Symbiosis
10 Chain Reaction Sample Treatments
11 Boxed Set
12 Organic Mechanics


Barry Prophet is a composer, percussionist, installation artist and sculptor whose
music has appeared in galleries and theatres in Canada, United States and
Europe. Creating unique sounds since 1979, Barry’s percussion performance
sculptures and micro tonally tuned glass lithophones have been featured on
numerous recordings including his CD ‘Crystal Bones’ (‘Prophet gently blows the
doors off our settled notions of timbre and tonality.’Globe and Mail, Robert
Everett-Green) and more recently with guitarist William Beauvais’’s “ in ‘Invisible
Barry’s outdoor interactive sound sculptures include “A Gathering of
Quivers’ The Tree Museum Muskoka, ‘ Black Quiver’ at MacLaren Art Centre
Barrie, ‘Synthecycletron’ a seasonally permanent interactive electronic sound
sculpture commissioned by New Adventures in Sound Art for Toronto Island, and
‘Sound Booth’ in W.K.P. Kennedy Gallery’s “Ice Follies 2010” on frozen Lake
Nipissing, North Bay.

Barry composes for contemporary dance and performs live improvisation using
Sound Art, Percussion Synthesizers & digital Theremin with live processing. He
has recently performed numerous times at a variety of venues including the
Royal Ontario Museum, Audiopollination, Ratio in & silence.