Adam Savage Visits Third Man Records!

Adam Savage Visits Third Man Records!

In Detroit, Adam stops by Jack White’s Third Man Records, the first new record-pressing plant in the United States in three decades! In a truly immersive tour, Adam records a song and then follows his record’s eventual process from lathe to cellophane. Bonus: Adam also chats with Jack White about how recording this way impacts the creative process!


Third Man Records is an independent record label founded by Jack White in Detroit, Michigan, in 2001. Third Man established its first physical location—a combination record store, performance venue, and headquarters for the label—in Nashville, Tennessee, in 2009. The label opened a Detroit branch location in 2015, which added a pressing plant (Third Man Pressing) in 2017.


Jack White founded Third Man Records in Detroit, Michigan, in 2001. White originally purchased the building to store his gear, and some plans to reissue the early White Stripes 45s.[citation needed] Third Man, which releases albums and singles primarily on vinyl record, established its first physical location in Nashville, Tennessee, on March 11, 2009. The Nashville location serves as a record store, label offices and live venue. It includes The Blue Room (a live performance venue and screening room for The Light and Sound Machine, a monthly film series co-hosted by The Belcourt Theater), a photo studio and darkroom, a storage facility for master recording tapes, and the label warehouse. The Blue Room is the only venue in the world to record live shows direct-to-acetate[citation needed], producing a vinyl master in real time. To commemorate the opening of Third Man Records in Nashville, White debuted his new project, The Dead Weather, performing a short set for the 150 invited guests. The label’s motto is “Your Turntable’s Not Dead.”[1]

The label’s name incorporates several elements of personal significance to White. His fondness for the number three is well documented.[2] It refers to Carol Reed‘s The Third Man starring Joseph Cotten and Orson Welles.[2] His old upholstering company was named Third Man Upholstery.[3] White also refers to himself as a woman’s “third man” in the song “Ball and Biscuit” on The White Stripes‘ album Elephant.

All six studio albums of The White Stripes appear with the Third Man logo.[citation needed] Both albums of The Raconteurs (Broken Boy Soldiers and Consolers of the Lonely) also carry the label’s logo.[citation needed] For The Raconteurs’ tour of the United Kingdom in October 2006, 1,000 live albums were pressed and sold for each show, all of which display a Third Man logo.[citation needed] The Dead WeatherJack WhiteThe Black BellesKaren Elson, and the Greenhornes are also core acts on the Third Man roster. Other artists who have released LP’s on Third Man Records include Kelley StoltzSeasick Steve, and Pokey LaFarge. The label released and pressed a 7-inch vinyl of Conan O’Brien‘s 2010 comedy single “And They Call Me Mad?”, which featured an interview of O’Brien by Jack White on its reverse.[4]

The Third Man Records Vault is a “rarity-excavating”[5] quarterly subscription service that began in September 2009 as a way to release special and otherwise unreleased content. Platinum members of the Vault receive a package containing limited-edition vinyl records and merchandise every three months. Generally each cycle’s offerings have included a 12” record, a 7” record (both on colored vinyl) and a “bonus item”, although this format has been deviated from multiple times