Anna Cole returns with a new single 'Bodies in Motion'

Anna Cole returns with a new single ‘Bodies in Motion’

Are you looking for some new exciting Pop to dive into? Check out the fresh new single from Anna Cole!
Her new track Bodies in Motion draws on heave 80s electronic vibes but with the dance swing of the likes like Goldfrapp and Sophie Ellis-Bextor.

Anna also does live performances on Instagram every Friday at 6pm eastern and 12am CET and and every Saturday at 6pm eastern and 12am CET on her Facebook LIVE, dont miss out on this unique chance to see her perform live! Totally worth your time!

‘Bodies in Motion’ released worldwide on 25 July 2020, on Submindie Records across all digital media platforms.

Anna Cole, a skilled electropop artist hailing from North Carolina, puts her signature vocals front and center while musing on the resurgence of 80’s music and art, and is serving us up some fresh perspective. Her new single “Bodies in Motion” chronicles not just the mental journey but the physical experience of energy, movement, and rhythm. On this breeze of a tune, Anna has an air of excitement, and an uncanny sense of knowing what she wants when it comes to gaining audience confidence and helping them move their bodies to the rhythm.

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