The Asteroids Galaxy Tour: My Club (Music Video)


Watch The Asteroids Galaxy Tour New Video “My Club” Below from their new album Bring Us Together (released on 12 Sep).


Watch The Asteroids Galaxy Tour New Video "My Club" Below from their new album Bring Us Together (released on 12 Sep).

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – My Club from Pomp&Clout on Vimeo.


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The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
Bring Us Together (2014): A futuristic dance vision
New Album Released Sep 15th on Hot Bus/Rough Trade
Take the trumpets and soul from a Mexican mariachi band. Add processed beats,
and samples that mercilessly force each and every body to get up and dance. Top it
all off with a dash of psychedelic-futuristic synth allure and Mette Lindberg’s
sultry vocals. Toss it all aboard a tightly packed spaceship headed on a course
towards the coolest party on the moon and there you have the sound of The
Asteroids Galaxy Tour’s third album Bring Us Together.
Nobody would ever make the claim that The Asteroids Galaxy Tour is a band
known for standing still. On the contrary. They are constantly on the move toward
new corners of the endless landscape of music. Their new album testifies to this

Making of the new album: Wandering into the desert and out the other side.
On Bring Us Together, the desire to explore new musical universes is greater than
ever before. The record points towards eternity with its cooler, more futuristic
sound. “We wanted to create a heavier and slightly darker atmosphere for this
album. The sound is more processed and less “manual” than before, with more
weighting on repetitive beats, bass grooves, chopped-up loops and a more laid
back vocal style”, explains producer and mastermind Lars Iversen.
The new Asteroids sound gives you whiffs of everything from funk and disco to
club and trip-hop, without leaving you in any doubt that you are indeed hearing
the hypnotising melodies of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. Notions for their new
album began to appear while the band toured in connection with the second album,
Out of Frequency. While they watched the Arizona desert zip by the windows of
their tour bus, or flew over cloudscapes headed to a concert on the far side of the
globe, Lars laid the groundwork for the new album. With earphones on his head
and a computer on his lap:

“We had this crazy touring schedule, playing over 150 shows in under a year in
the US, all over Europe, South America, even some in Asia. We constantly found
ourselves in either a tour bus or at the airport or the hotel room. I started getting
a bit un-rooted with the whole thing. I found no time to produce new music which
was killing me so I asked our sound crew to build me this amazing little travelling
recording set up that I could easily get out and start writing and producing on the
road. This ‘mobile studio’ quickly became my drug of choice. You could say I went on a journey within a journey, and that was the beginning of the new album really.”
In many ways, the route to album number three has been marked by some degree
of turbulence. Mette Lindberg, Lars’ creative partner and singer in The Asteroids
Galaxy Tour:
“You fall asleep in one country and wake up in another. You spend the majority of
your life with the same people around you in close proximity, there is bound to be
tension at times. I had a super busy PR schedule too, sometimes eight hours a day.
Combine this with playing sold out shows at night, endless after parties, and
travelling in and out of different time zones all the time, and you get this absurd
state of constant ecstasy. Mixed with all the fun and excitement a weird sense of
isolation sets in”.
After two years of non-stop touring madness, it was time for Lars and Mette to
shut the engines down, put the laptop on a shelf and get behind the controls of the
console at their own studio, Rummet (The Space) in the Vesterbro district of
Copenhagen. They needed to find each other again and spend time away from
Rummet would be Mette and Lars’ home for the next year, a period when they
experimented with, finished composing and finally recorded the songs. What was
a cacophony of beats, sketches and snippets gradually evolved into the finely
tuned, completed album.
“Mette and I have such eclectic tastes in music, it’s no wonder people find it hard
to pin down our sound, but we love it that way”, Lars says.
“Our sound is like a big Metropolis of Music,” Mette chimes in. “Lars spends
ages digging out old obscure records from decades ago that I’ve never heard of.
He got me into the 1960s French Yé-Yé scene* recently and also introduced me to
some early 90s Primal Scream records (Screamadelica). Likewise I play him a lot
of stuff I am excited about and we always end up riding on the same vibe. He is
also addicted to eBay and keeps buying old equipment that mostly doesn’t work
but when it does it sounds AMAZING and blows me away.”
The result is a sound collage of a pop symphony created from equal parts of
chopped-up danceable beats, spaced-out synthesizers and bright neon-green pop
hooks. It is the sound of renewed inspiration, never-ending passion and a euphoric
desire for more.
“Bring Us Together is the sound of reunification, of becoming a whole person
once again, after having been blasted into atoms. It’s the album we wanted to make. This is us, stronger, a bit wiser and full of dreams,” says Mette.

The beginning: From pop sketches to pop stars
It was in 2007, when producer and multi-instrumentalist Lars Iversen met Mette
Lindberg somewhere in the Copenhagen music scene. He fell head over heels for
her unique, unbridled voice and expressive personality. Lars’ previous group, NU,
had just broken up, he had just arrived back from London and something had to
happen! With a handful of songs on his computer, he and Mette got together and
they immediately began tripping on the same things. That was the start of an
intense summer of musical symbiosis in Lars’ old flat with its homemade studio
set-up. The result was a stream of originally different pop songs that would
become an EP (Around The Bend EP), and later, the duo’s debut album Fruit.
That was the launching pad for The Asteroids Galaxy Tour. Neither of them had
ever imagined that two years later they would be one of the biggest musical
successes to have emerged from Denmark in many years – sold out venues around
the world, 200,000 Facebook likes and more than 40 million YouTube views. But
as Mette muses in the intro to “Bring Us Together,” the title song from the duo’s
third album:

>>Magic happens, but only if you’re open to the possibility<<

*(The first single from ‘Bring Us Together’, ‘My Club’ features a sample by
French Yé-Yé singer Jaqueline Taieb)

Fruit (2009): A gigantic debut hit
The enormously successful debut Fruit from 2009 overflowed with all danceable
genres of the ‘60s and ‘70s. The warm-yet-raw sound stirred together everything
from quirky beats, gritty horn riffs and bubbly synthesizers into a refreshingly
crafted indie pop-soul cocktail. The record spawned major hits such as “The
Golden Age” and “Around the Bend” and earned Mette Lindberg and Lars Iversen
worldwide ad spots for Heineken and Apple, warm-up slots on the same stage as
Amy Winehouse and Katy Perry, and even praise from none other than Sir Elton
John. Out of Frequency (2012): A psychedelic power demonstration
The follow up, Out Of Frequency, continued the journey with something new in
2012. This time the recording forged in more R‘n’B and Hip-Hop ambience
without ever departing from the retro sound fans loved from the debut. The record
was an explosion of genres. Sonic ideas contained in the 14 songs radiated from
the tracks with an overpowering energy that was nothing short of a melodic,
psychedelic demonstration of power that was at times something like a set of
Blaxploitation-like song collages from a past era. The two singles, “Heart Attack”
and “Major” were high-impact hits and launched a long concert tour that circled
the globe.


Watch The Asteroids Galaxy Tour New Video "My Club" Below from their new album Bring Us Together (released on 12 Sep).