Avant Guard Artist Dr. Shinto announces new compilation album and a new band

Avant Guard Artist Dr. Shinto announces new compilation album and a new band

And a new video!

Dr Shinto just made 2 new announcements via his blog/Facebook page regarding a new compilation album, with remixes and unreleased material (as far as we understand) called ‘Popular Music From Greenland‘. (No tracklist as of yet announced).

But even more surprising(?) is the announcement of a new band and a video. The band is called Samsæri and the musical style is describe by Damien as “…cembalo pop for futuristic dandy’s“. Hmm.

It´s not clear who these other people actually are but we are sure that this information will arise soon enough. We have our suspicions surrounding the industrial, EBM and/or Electronical music scene…
Here´s the new video “NYC Dreaming” released today:

Samsæri – NYC Dreaming (Official Video),
First Release from the upcoming Début album from the band Samsæri.

Bianca- Sax
NYC Dreaming Co-Written with Sonar ELiPs
Text and Talking Adam H of Sonar E.(NYC)
Produced, Mixed and Engineered by Daniel Watson

Video By Damien Shinto And Daniel Watson.

© 2014, 2015. Samsaeri. The Talking Fern Studios. Alaska.
Mastering at DFD Malta. Label: TBA


Damien Shinto (Dr. Shinto) is a psychiatrist, musician, film director and multi-artist from Greenland. He has released music films and books in collaboration with artists, writers and actors like Raymond Watts (PIG), Cora Watson (Swedish Actor) and Daniel Watson (Writer).

In 2010 he contributed with music(together with Raymond Watts), art and text to the project “Mellan Rummen” (A book, art and music project).

2011 he released the album “A Sonic Lobotomy” with collaborations from Motoko Ishii, Sophie Rimheden and Nux Vomica among others. With Music Videos directed by Motoko Ishii, Nick Zedd and others.

In October 2011, the EP “Ice Block Therapy Sessions #1” was released as he signed to a new Label (Low Frequency Hypnosis Productions) and also announced that he would feature his own TV-Show “A Magical Evening With Dr. Shinto”.

July 2012 a new album was released together with Andreas Usenbenz under the name “Psychopatia Sexualis”.

In March Dr. Shinto announced through his website that he is going to release a new album spring 2014 called .Solipsism along with an international tour with the NYC based band Sonar 3LiPs3.