Best 10 Albums of 2014 (So Far)

After so many lists of this years best albums so far we had to do one as well.
Hopefully this looks a bit different from the one´s you seen already and maybe you will find a new album to listen to this day.
We chose from as many different styles of music we could to spice it up a bit.
Get inspired and enjoy!
Who did we miss out on? Hit us up on Twitter and let us know!


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Our Best Albums Of 2014 (So Far)

1#Swans(To Be Kind)
There is not much we can say here. We seen this album on many of the other top lists of 2014. But we cant argue with the fact that they released one of the very best albums to date. (Even though Children Of God/World Of Skin has a special place in our hearts).


2#Damon Albarn(Everyday Robots)
You did not miss Damon Albarn´s new album, did you? It´s freaking great. And we think it should be marked as one of his best accomplishments so far!

3#Ramona Lisa(Arcadia)
And dont tell us you have missed out on Ramona Lisa´s (former Chairlift) Debut album?
Its soooo good! Worth a lot more attention for sure. Especially along with some really cool videos!

4#First Aid Kit (Stay Gold)
Wow, these Swedish Girls do know what they are doing. Following up the hit album The Lions Roar from 2012.

5#Future Islands(Singles)
This is no doubt Future Islands best album. And the unfortgettable performance at Letterman made a lasting impression as well…

6#Wye Oak(Shriek)
Just a great happy album. But keep an ear of the best funky base lines of the year through the album!
(Too bad the video is stupid though)

7#Beck (Morning Phase)
We Love Beck. We Love Him. Did We Say We Love Beck?

8#Coldplay (Ghost Stories)
Ok.Ok. Right. So we promised a list with different styles and not falling into neither the Hipster trap or the nasty main stream flood.
So here you go. Well done Coldplay. Another solid album…


9#Elysian Fields (For house Cats And Sea Fans)
You don’t know Elysian Fields? You should!


10#Dr Shinto(Solipsism)
And finally some weird electronic, noise or whatever. Intriguing to say the least. (And he is a Doctor too!)


(#)Bonus:I break horses(2013) This would be our Number #1 Choice if it was released this year no doubt, Xiu Xiu(Angel Guts)

#Honorable mentions of disappointments: Lana Del Ray(Yaaaawn), St. Vincent(Too pretentious, sorry), Lykke Li(Yaaawn again), Jack White(Too much violin Jack and what happened to rocking out?)

Look out for in the rest of 2014:
October: KMFDM (Our Time will Come)
November: Foo Fighters (TBA)
TBA: Garbage, The Cure, Hilary Duff, Red Hot Chilli Peppers…and unfortunately some crap from Madonna, One
Direction, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Limp Bizkit(!), Guns N Roses (!)…