Caroline Polachek Of Chairlift Release New Song For MAKE

Caroline Polachek Of Chairlift Release New Song For MAKE

Taking the classical Greek myth of Endymion as inspiration, singer songwriter Caroline Polachek of pop duo Chairlift transports us through a meditative choral lament as the moon goddess Selene in an original music collaboration for MAKE. The story tells of her infatuation with the handsome young shepherd and her request that Zeus make him forever beautiful. Zeus grants her wish, but with a tragic twist, putting him into eternal sleep. (SEE VIDEO BELOW)

Known for her experimental solo performances as Ramona Lisa, she brings her highly personal and unquestionably inspired talent to this haunting, lyrical piece: an elegy to the immortalised youth, Endymion, with a special appearance by her newly wed husband, Ian Drennan. The video is directed by Adam McClelland.

Drawing on themes of light, immortality, beauty and death, this exclusive video launches alongside MAKE‘s new Moonlight Brightening Serum as part of the Naxos Concept Collection.


Caroline Polachek is a Brooklyn-based musician and songwriter known as the vocalist for Chairlift, as well as for writing Beyoncé‘s single “No Angel.” She released her debut solo album, Arcadia under her stage name Ramona Lisa, which was released on April 2014 via Terrible Records.

Polachek formed the band Chairlift together with Aaron Pfenning at the University of Colorado in October 2005. The group was joined by Patrick Wimberly in early 2007, the year the band released their first EP titled “Daylight Savings EP,” followed by their debut album Does You Inspire You. Pfenning left the band in 2010 to pursue his solo career, titled Rewards. Polachek and Wimberly went on as a duo to write and produce their 2012 full-length record Something alongside producers Dan Carey and Alan Moulder. In addition, she directed the record’s music videos, including “Amanaemoneisa,” and “I Belong In Your Arms.”

Polachek began performing sets secretly under the moniker Ramona Lisa in 2013.[9] The name originates from a former pseudonym Polachek used on Facebook.[1] She announced her debut self-produced album as Ramona Lisa, entitled Arcadia in February 2014.[9][10] It’s a concept album of love songs interpreted via nature allegories. Polachek describes the album as “pastoral electronic music.”[11][12][13]

Polachek began writing the album during an artistic residency at the Villa Medici in Rome, Italy.[14] In an interview with Pitchfork she described how her time in Rome inspired the sounds of Arcadia, stating: “When I was looking out the window in Rome, I wanted this type of electronic music to feel as organic as what I was seeing. I don’t think any of the tools that I’m using are particularly new—a lot of the MIDI instruments have been around for 15 years—but the compositions make them sound less electronic, more mysterious.”[14] The record was made entirely on Polachek’s laptop without instruments or external microphones, except to capture field recordings of the sounds she heard in her surroundings.[15] She sang vocals directly into her computer’s built in microphone, making use of hotel closets, quiet airport gates, and spare dressing rooms during Chairlift’s world tour.[14] The album artwork was shot by New York photographer Tim Barber


Fast asleep
Oh are you finally sick of me
Coming to visit every night
Always in the same pale light

Drawing dew on your eyelids now
Shining on your marble brow
Captive of this curse or charm
‘Til I leave you alone at dawn
Dreaming of tomorrow

There’s the boy who I know
There’s the boy who I love
And there’s the boy who I’ll see again

How I dread
That this repose is a sort of death
Beckoning as a void in the world
Opposite of a moon or pearl
Lovelier for all this

There’s the boy who I know
There’s the boy who I love
And there’s the boy who I’ll see again

Full and overflowing glass
I recall how your eyes did shine
And beg you not to seal them yet…

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“The Boy Who I’ll See Again”
Written, Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Caroline Polachek
Video Directed by Adam McClelland
Concept + Art Direction: Caroline Polachek
Makeup: William Ahrens at MAKE
Wardrobe + Styling: Andrea Toscano
Edit + Color Grade: Small Rebel Army
Cinematography : Adam Jandrup
Executive Producer: Ariana Mouyiaris, MAKE
Location: Shangri La Studio, NYC
Artist Management: We Are Free
‘Endymion’ played by Ian Drennan
Caroline Polachek appears courtesy of Columbia Records