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Bass Drum of Death is an American garage rock band from Oxford, Mississippi signed to Innovative Leisure Records. John Barrett formed Bass Drum of Death, and performs and records his own albums. Until 2008, he performed as a one-man-band, playing bass drum and guitar. Currently, the touring band consists of two guitars and drums. The debut LP, GB City, was released on April 12, 2011 by Fat Possum Records.[1] Inflated Records also distributed the vinyl edition. BDOD performed live on Fuel TV with MellowHype, ofOFWGKTA playing the song “64”. In addition, the group released the single High School Roaches on Baby Don’t Records in 2010.

Bass Drum of Death tours the United States and Europe extensively. ‘Get Found’ has been aired on Triple J, an Australian alternative music radio station, and the group played the station’s 2012 New Beginning’s Festival. In addition, Bass Drum of Death performed at the Rock en Seine Festival in France.

On June 25, 2013, they released their second album on Innovative Leisure.