Check Out Hollow Water´s New Prog Rock Album 'Rainbows End'

Check Out Hollow Water´s New Prog Rock Album ‘Rainbows End’

Hollow Water is a UK Prog Rock Band that just released the Prog Rock Album ‘Rainbows End’ (Released 12/9/2016).

If Prog Rock is your thing, this is something you do not want to miss out on.
This 12 track album is everything that you would want in a classic Prog Rock album. Original and inspiring but above all it feels that they have found their own define style without copying the Prog Rock greats as Marillion, King Crimson, yes and many more..

Our Review 10 of 12 prog rock rainbows

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Until last year, Hollow Water consisted of just Alan Cookson on keyboards and Huw Roberts on guitars.
They have been producing instrumental material since before 2012.
This culminated with a loose collection of compositions entitled Jigsaw Music in 2013.
However. the recently released album Rainbow’s End followed a different direction with the temporary addfition of other musicians from diverse backgrounds across Europe and the USA.
Vocals and harmonies were provided by Mark Lock (UK) with sax playing from Ilia Skibinsky (Germany) and Nate Madsen (USA). Additional guitar work was performed my Matt Quistorf (USA). The rhythm section consisted primarily of Jair-Rohm Parker Wells (Sweden) and Stryfer (Serbia) on bass with Siros Vaziri (Sweden) on drums. Steve Giddings (UK) pitched in with lap steel guitar work on the title track. It was mixed and mastered by Joel Evenden (UK).
The album has a sci-fi theme involving three acquaintances who form a team and search for a rainbow which…