Check Out Swedish Dolores Haze New Video 'The Haze Is Forever'

Check Out Swedish Dolores Haze New Video ‘The Haze Is Forever’


New Swedish Pop wonder Dolores Haze release a new video,  check it out below!
The lineup: Groovy Nickz (vocals, bass), Groovy Fuck (rhythm guitar), Lucky Lollo (lead guitar), Foxy Sagz (drums)



The background: Scandinavians excel at pop and black metal, but they can also do whatever it is that Dolores Haze do. “Haze” is about right, because the music is a blur – or a dark fuzzed-out cloud (with a melodic silver lining) – of shoegaze, punk and goth. Garage girl-group grunge? The band weigh in with a couple of suggestions of their own: “goth sex” and “diva couture”.

Dolores Haze is actually a fashion brand, one defined as “a style of 1960s melded with a hint of grunge, transcended into flirty dresses and separates with kittenish charm and a mix of school uniform prep”. That makes sense: Dolores Haze is also the real name of the 12-year-old protagonist of Vladimir Nabokov’s Lolita, whose character the band are evidently channelling via their bratty noise – this is sound and fury signifying female rage, sexual abandon and grrrl power. [Text via The Guardian]