Comic Book Girl 19 Reviews Top 10 Best Comics of the Year

Comic Book Girl 19 Reviews Top 10 Best Comics of the Year
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-10 Ghost Rider, Engines of Vengeance by Felipe Smith
-9 Silver Surfer, Marvel Now, by Dan Slot.
-8 Sandman Overture, by Neil Gaiman.
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Comic Book Girl 19, also known as CBG19, is an internet celebrity known for her commentaries on comics, films, books, and television shows. She hosts videos on a YouTube channel. She has a degree in sequential art from the Savannah College of Art and Design.

Comic Book Girl 19 Reviews Top 10 Best Comics of the Year

Comic Book Girl 19 became popular on the web in 2013. As of May 2014, her YouTube channel had over 14 million views and a quarter of a million subscribers. Some of her most popular videos are commentaries on the film Prometheus and the television series Game of Thrones. Some videos delve into the background of various popular culture myths and explore special effects in movies. In 2013, she interviewed Alec Gillis of Amalgamated Dynamics, a special effects company that specializes in animatronics and prosthetic makeup. CBG19 occasionally co-presents with “Robot”, a humanoid character made out of cardboard boxes and tin foil. The CBG19 videos are directed and edited by Tyson Wheeler.

Comic Book Girl 19 has contributed reviews of various comics to DC All Access. She has also appeared on The Jace Hall Show‘s Lounge Live, Geek and Sundry, and Chaotic Awesome, sharing her views on pop culture and comics. She posed for the artist Daniel Dos Santos in a photo shoot for the cover of Diana Rowland‘s novel White Trash Zombie Apocalypseand was featured on Gizmodo for winning an award for her RoboCop costume at Dragon Con. She has been featured in Variety andCosmopolitan. She has spoken at TEDx Claremont Colleges on the value of using fictional characters for empowerment.

CBG19 has said her pseudonym is connected to the 19th card of the Major Arcana of the Tarot, which is The Sun. She has also said that the number is related to Stephen King’s The Dark Tower.  The number features in many of her videos in the form of a tattoo. CBG19’s real name is Danika Massey