Dr Shinto Releases "A Sonic Botany" and teases more releases

Dr Shinto Releases “A Sonic Botany” and teases more releases

The Avant Garde/Alternative/Electronic artist Damien Shinto from Greenland has signed with a new Label in Canada and just released A Sonic Botany. A Re-release from 2011 with guest artists like Sophie Rimheden, Motoko Ishii AKA. Allison Chanic and Andreas Usenbenz.
Get the exclusive high quality download here before it reaches iTunes and other streaming services(no date announced yet).

He also teases more releases of the back catalogue as well as new material. Previously he announced that he was also a part as a drummer of the Canadian group Samsæri.

1. Setting Up Your Mind feat. Andreas Usenbenz
2. Amygdalae (Sophie Rimheden Remix)
3. Grundtland feat. Motoko Ishii aka. Allison Chanic
4. Vurcanu feat. Motoko Ishii aka. Allison Chanic
5. Agalmatophilia
6. Decision Incision
7. Infatuation Frustration (Sophie Rimheden Remix)
8. Dying Relation (Sophie Rimheden Remix)



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