Emma Essinger Delivers Pop Gem ”OH OH OH - Backseat Remix"

Emma Essinger Delivers Pop Gem ”OH OH OH – Backseat Remix”

”OH OH OH – Backseat Remix” is a corona baby that has been jammed out and created by the singer and saxplayer Emma Essinger and her two friends Sandra Windahl & Johan Nordin that forms the producer duo ESTER. I’d describe it as an electronic irresistible caramel of pop with a dancing synth bass, hot saxophones & a chorus you wanna repeat. Unbridled and wild but at the same time very straight ahead with a forward-moving spirit that can be quite a mood changer if you wanna get into the groove. And if you like saxophone, it’s a dear friend of the track. Some of the saxes got an 80s / 90s vibe but in a modern club-ish kind of soundscape. There are also pumping baritones and a horn section that is quite unexpected that also adds to the vibe.  Sparkling, viby, dancy, with a vocal that makes you wanna get into that backseat, many many times over. LISTEN BELOW!


Track: OH OH OH – Backseat Remix

By; Emma Essinger, ESTER
Artwork: Sofia Hjortberg