After Gotham Comes Krypton?

After Gotham Comes Krypton?

Another D.C. television show is in the works: The Hollywood Reporter‘s saying that David S. Goyer’s going to spearhead the creation of a Gotham-style origin story for Superman called, of course, Krypton.

This was rumored a while ago, but now there are more details. According to the report, Syfy’s going further back into the past than Gotham, though, the show following Kal-El’s grandfather as he “brings hope and equality to Krypton, turning a planet in disarray into one worthy of giving birth to the greatest Super Hero ever known.”

Goyer’s working with Ian Goldberg (Once Upon a Time, FlashForward), who will pen the script and exec produce alongside Goyer. The story comes from both of them.

What’s not clear is how Krypton‘s development will impact the Supergirl show on CBS. Batman and Superman are supposedly off limits for Arrow and The Flash, but executive producer Greg Berlanti has also said that Supergirl could share a universe with those CW shows. DC/Warner Bros. has resisted the impulse to have its universe be united across networks and media, but it does seem harder to do when one show is about the family of the star of another.

We also don’t yet know if the Krypton of the show is going to be the same Krypton that was seen in Man of Steel, although with Goyer involved, that seems likely. [Article from iO9]