Gotham TV Show turns out to be pretty great


After 2 Episodes of the New TV Serie ‘Gotham‘ on Fox, we got a pretty good idea what this is gonna give us. And we are thoroughly surprised! For the better!
We did have very low expectations and it is hard to make a TV serie or Movie adaption of a Comic and make it balanced. Not too silly, but still fun. Not to grim but certainly gloomy and gritty.
And above all. Good character development.
For example. Arrow seemed very well done. But we got bored after an episode. Avengers SHIELD. Bah, Bored after an episode. Maybe it´s better now? We don´t know(we don´t caaare).
But Gotham!? Awesome characters. Every minute was interesting and what a great city as a backdrop! Looks like a great Gotham. They should be proud of the most important parts of any good movie or TV series as in: The Script/Story development, Good and interesting Characters (together with the casting. The Penguin seems spot on! As well as Alfred) and nice looking atmosphere and good enough effects.

This series shows much promise for the future so here´s hoping for it not to be cancelled. (As that seems to happen for more random reasons than actually being liked…).