Grimes Scraps new album after Fans reaction to the new single


Grimes Admits She Scrapped Original Follow-Up Album After Fan Reaction To “Go”

“It sucked, so I threw it out and started again”

We said so! Her new direction was not pleasing to us or the fans. It was just to main stream BLAND. And we missed the original sound of Grimes in the beginning. This makes us more than happy to hear for selfish reasons.

Earlier this summer Grimes, a.k.a. Claire Boucher, released “Go,” a brand new song that was originally penned for Rihanna. In a newly published interview with New York Times Magazine, Boucher says that poor reaction to the song caused her ultimately scrap the forthcoming follow-up to her 2012 breakthrough LP Visions. “It upsets a lot of my fans, and I get why it upsets them,” says Boucher of the track. “Everybody was like, ‘Oh, Grimes is pandering to the radio.’'”

By that point Boucher herself had begun to disassociate herself with the direction she was taking musically. “It sucked,” Boucher says, “so I threw it out and started again.”

Newly relocated from Vanouver to L.A. Boucher says she’s moved away from being reclusive in her recording process, instead “hanging out with people and bouncing ideas off my friends. I’m just making way more music.”

Claire Elise Boucher (born March 17, 1988), better known by her stage name Grimes, is a Canadian producer, artist, musician, singer-songwriterand music video director. Born and raised in Vancouver, Grimes began recording experimental music while attending McGill University in Montréal, where she became involved with the underground music scene.

In 2010, she released her debut album, Geidi Primes on Arbutus Records (based in Montréal, Québec), followed by Halfaxa (2010). In late 2011, she announced that she had signed with 4AD Records, who partnered with Arbutus Records to release her third album,Visions (2012). Visions met critical acclaim and was hailed by the New York Times as “one of the most impressive albums of the year so far”.

Grimes’ music has been noted by critics and journalists for its atypical combination of vocal elements, as well as a wide array of influences, ranging from electronica to pop, hip hop, R&B, noise rock, and even medieval music.

In 2013, she was awarded the Webby Award for Artist of the Year. Also in 2013, Grimes was awarded a Juno Award for Electronic Album of the year

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