The Horrifying news on The Ghostbuster Reboot

The Horrifying news on The Ghostbuster Reboot

But whyyyy. Bill Murray had enough sense to know to say NO to this reboot. Maybe he didnt want to do the same mistake as Dumb & Dumber 2 or Anchorman 2, as in destroying a legendary film by trying to redo it in a much more worse and sad way.
And they thought a new take on it with woman will make it fresh? Well prove us wrong we say. Nothing would make us happier than a new great comedy with an all woman line up…but well, call us sceptic until proven wrong.

Paul Feig’s new take on Ghostbusters will be arriving in cinemas on July 22nd 2016, with production starting this summer. The plan, as had been reported before, is to shoot the film once more in New York.

Paul Feig announced the news via his Twitter account, and he’s also confirmed the lead cast of his movie.

The new Ghostbusters? They’re going to be Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon.
According to the site Film Divider the plot will look something like this:

The site reckons that Wiig will be playing Professor Erin Gabler, who once wrote a book about the paranormal, but now isn’t so sure about ghosts. She’s going to have to face up to those ghosts in more ways than one in the new Ghostbusters.

Co-author of her book is a character by the name of Abby Bergman. She’s an estranged friend, who does believe in ghosts. The site guesses that’s the role earmarked for Kate McKinnon.

The other two roles? There’s Abby’s new research partner, a snarky woman by the name of Jillian Holtzman, “the inventor of the Ghostbusters’ technology”. Patty Tolan, meanwhile, joins the crew during the film, and only buys into ghosts because she’s seen them herself. Those are where McCarthy and Jones are said to fit in.

Film Divider also reckons that Peter Dinklage is on Paul Feig’s radar for the main antagonist, and that there’s room in the his and Katie Dippold’s screenplay for Bill Murray. Not that anyone really believes Murray’s going to take part.