How Deadpool Should Have Ended

How Deadpool Should Have Ended

How Deadpool Should Have Ended. When Negasonic Teenage Warhead causes the whole Helicarrier to collapse, Wade is forced to use maximum effort.


In other news, Regarding Deadpool 2 we found the following article at Cinemablend:

the Ryan Reynolds-starring movie that bears his name, has been out and roaming free for almost a month now. In that time it has broken records, amassed more than $680 million worldwide, and substantially impacted the discussion of comic book movies (the idea of R-rated superhero movies is being discussed much more freely than it was even a few months ago). Only recently was it knocked out of the top spot at the box office, but that doesn’t mean Reynolds and company are finished having fun, and the Canadian actor just released a funny new video to help Deadpoolcelebrate another milestone, it’s “Monthiversary.”

It may have been a bit relentless the last few weeks before release, but theDeadpool marketing campaign was kind of perfect and ingenious. Overall it truly captured the snarky, sarcastic sense of humor favored by the Merc with the Mouth, and it was clever, inventive, and the people behind it were obviously having a great deal of fun—they did everything from mock the entire country of Australia to advise men to fondle their testicles, for health, reasons, of course.

Even though the movie has been out for a while, it doesn’t look like they want to give it up, as Ryan Reynolds posted this new video to mark the one-month anniversary, like a junior high couple. Gritty, grainy, and looking like it was made from clips lifted off of a series of warped VHS tapes you found in your garage, this video extols the virtues of Deadpool, “the several times in a lifetime experience guaranteed to make your whole family pregnant.”

It makes sense for Ryan Reynolds to keep pumping Deadpool. After all, this movie was a labor of love for the star, as well as writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, and director Tim Miller. They struggled for years to get it made, and to get it made with an R-rating, which was appreciated by fans of the notoriously violent and potty-mouthed comic. It must be quite vindicating for them to see something they slaved over and fought for become such a huge hit, especially when so many people doubted them along the way.

Deadpool is currently the third highest grossing R-rated movie of all time domestically, behind only The Passion of the Christ and American Sniper, and the second highest grossing worldwide behind The Matrix: Reloaded. Because of this success, Deadpool 2 is, of course, on the way, slated to hit sometime in 2017.