IAMX announces sixth album 'Lustful Dystopian Man versus Machine' via Pledge

IAMX announces sixth album ‘Lustful Dystopian Man versus Machine’ via Pledge

Read their statement via Pledge below:

Dear friends and lovers. 

I am proud and exhilarated to announce the creation of the next IAMX album. 
Album number 6. I’m ecstatic my musical bastard child has gone this far.  
At the moment I am writing every day. Studio bound and immersed in experimenting with a new sound. There is a simplicity to the sound that takes me back to my earlier work. It is purely electronic. Lustful dystopian Man versus Machine. Much like the recent IAMX residency shows. I will definitely share exclusive musical pieces along the way with those who pledge. 

(If you are new to PledgeMusic, you can read more about how it works at the bottom of this text).

The content of this new record is particularly personal for me. 
The last year and a half was a dark period in my life, and after a long drawn out rebirth, I have been burning to get this shit out of my head. What was a fucked up time has already become a huge creative inspiration. 
My relocation from the grim grey of Berlin to the sinister sun of Los Angeles has also changed me. But you will no doubt be happy to know this hasn’t switched my love of all things bittersweet, dirty and melancholic into smile soaked surfer dude happiness. That would be a tragedy.

To make the new record a reality I ask you to be fully present and involved in the process. You are aware of our obsessive independence and once again we hope for your support in funding what, as always, is a very expensive process. 

Making an album requires deep psychological work, blind dedication and money. 
We can provide the first two.
By pre-ordering CD, Vinyl or download, you will make sure we have the funds to manufacture, promote, beautifully design the new album and then take it on tour around the world.

The first IAMX pledge campaign was a dramatic, unexpected success (http://www.pledgemusic.com/projects/iamx). We were teary-eyed and blown away by the response. I can’t explain the great trust and confidence it gave us. 
I put this down to your undying dedication and drive to protect this alternative kingdom we’ve carved out together, in the middle of the mind numbing banality of the pop music world.

If we can do it all over again we will forever be truly thankful.

Along with the lovely incentives you see here before you we are working hard planning extensive worldwide touring. This will definitely involve both North American and European tours, but we also want to get to people that have waited for years in places we haven’t yet reached. Other new territories like Australia, Asia, South America, will be added if we make enough money to get us there.

The album is set to be released early fall of 2015.
Touring will begin around the time of the album release.
We are planning to release the first single and video early spring.

A video explaining all will follow very soon.

Be with us.

Much love




IAMX is the solo project of Chris Corner; an English record producer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist, singer and video artist and was a founding member of the band Sneaker Pimps. Chris is currently working on his sixth IAMX album.
IAMX started life when Chris moved to Berlin in 2006. He has recently moved to Los Angeles following the majority of his fanbase. From the start, through IAMX, Chris has celebrated a fiercely independent and uncompromising approach across both the music and visual imagery. The IAMX fan base has grown steadily through word-of mouth and online activity, with the focus on an incredibly strong bond linking Chris and his fans. IAMX have played extensively to sold out audiences across Europe and the US and the live performances have become a highlight of the whole project.