ionnalee´s first single aside from the iamamiwhoami project Video: NOT HUMAN

ionnalee´s first single aside from the iamamiwhoami project Video: NOT HUMAN

ionnalee is the creator and front person of audiovisual project iamamiwhoami.

song written by ionnalee and Com Truise !!
song produced by ionnalee


iamamiwhoami is the electronic music and audiovisual project of Swedish musician and singer-songwriter Jonna Lee in collaboration with her long-time music producer Claes Björklund. The project has since 2009 released audiovisual series on their Youtube channel followed by a large international audience. Their latest release is their third audiovisual album Blue (November 2014) and the online live concert installation Concert In Blue in September 2015. Visual collaborators of the project include Swedish directors collective Wave, consisting of Jonna Lee, cinematographer John Strandh.

Jonna Emily Lee (born October 3, 1981), better known as Jonna Lee, is a Swedish singer, songwriter, record producer, and visual director. Lee is best known for being the creator and artist of audiovisual online project iamamiwhoami who have since 2009 released their audiovisual series online, gathering a large online following. She has since her first solo album collaborated with music producer and artist Claes Björklund who is also a member of iamamiwhoami. As of 2016, iamamiwhoami’s work has over 40 million views on their Youtube channel. In 2017, Lee started using the moniker ionnalee for her new solo project with the release of her debut solo song SAMARITAN.

Lee is touring with Norwegian duo Röyksopp in 2017. She is also a visual director under the pseudonym of WAVE together with John Strandh. She is also the founder of the independent label To whom it may concern.

Seth Haley (known by his stage name Com Truise) is an American electronic musician from Oneida, New York, who now resides in Los Angeles,[2]California. His Com Truise stage name is a spoonerism of the name of American actor Tom Cruise.[3] Originally an art director, he turned in his resignation prior to his first release as Com Truise. Prior to that, Haley released music under the pseudonyms Sarin Sunday, SYSTM, and Airliner