JESSICA JONES - Every Easter Egg & Reference

JESSICA JONES – Every Easter Egg & Reference

Jessica Jones Easter Egg’s and References galore! EASTER EGGS! REFERENCES! So many of each. Too many. This was a pain in the arse.



Marvel’s Jessica Jones, or simply Jessica Jones, is an American web television series created for Netflix by Melissa Rosenberg, based on the Marvel Comicscharacter of the same name. It is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), sharing continuity with the films of the franchise, and is the second in a series of shows that will lead up to a Defenders crossover miniseries. The series is produced by Marvel Television in association with ABC Studios and Tall Girls Productions, with Rosenberg serving as showrunner.

Krysten Ritter stars as Jessica Jones, a former superhero who opens her own detective agency after an end to her superhero career. Mike Colter, Rachael Taylor,Wil Traval, Erin Moriarty, Eka Darville, Carrie-Anne Moss, and David Tennant also star. A version of the series was originally in development by Rosenberg forABC in 2010, that was eventually passed on. By late 2013, Rosenberg reworked the series, when it reentered development for Netflix as A.K.A. Jessica Jones. Ritter was cast as Jones in December 2014, with production on Jessica Jones beginning in New York City in February 2015 and lasting until late August.

All episodes premiered November 20, 2015, on Netflix. Critical reception for the series was overwhelmingly positive, with praise being given to Ritter and Tennant for their performances, the series’ noir tone, approach to sexuality and covering darker topics such as rape, assault and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD).


No. Title Directed by Written by Original release date
1 “AKA Ladies Night” S. J. Clarkson Melissa Rosenberg November 20, 2015
Jessica Jones, an alcoholic private investigator “gifted” with superhuman strength and flight, delivers a subpoena to strip-club owner Gregory Spheeris for lawyer Jeri Hogarth (who is having an affair with her assistant Pam behind the back of her wife Wendy Ross-Hogarth), exposing her abilities to him in the process. While not working, Jones spies on Luke Cage, a bar owner who sees her looking into his bar and offers her free alcohol as a “Ladies Night” promotion, leading to the two sleeping together. She leaves upset after seeing a photo of a woman in his bathroom. Jones is approached by Barbara and Bob Shlottman after their daughter Hope began acting differently and disappeared. While investigating, Jones discovers that Hope is with Kilgrave, a man with mind control abilities whose time controlling Jones gave her PTSD, and who she believed was dead. Jones wants to flee, but is convinced by her friend and foster-sister Trish Walker to help Hope. Jones finds her, but Kilgrave’s hold is still over Hope, and she murders her parents.
2 “AKA Crush Syndrome” S. J. Clarkson Micah Schraft November 20, 2015
The consequences of Jessica’s missing persons case lead her to force part-time client Jeri Hogarth to represent a victim of Kilgrave, who is in prison for his crime.
3 “AKA It’s Called Whiskey” David Petrarca Story by: Liz Friedman
Teleplay by: Liz Friedman & Scott Reynolds
November 20, 2015
Jessica Jones meets Luke Cage, and both learn something about the other. In saving Trish from from a assassin, Jessica saves Will Simpson from Kilgrave.
4 “AKA 99 Friends” David Petrarca Hilly Hicks, Jr. November 20, 2015
Jessica learns Kilgrave has a spy on her, and uses that to trap him. Simpson and Trish bond over surviving Kilgrave’s influence.
5 “AKA The Sandwich Saved Me” Stephen Surjik Dana Baratta November 20, 2015
Jessica goes after Kilgrave, but a set-back ensues. Jessica must also help a neighbor with a life-threatening issue.
6 “AKA You’re a Winner!” Stephen Surjik Edward Ricourt November 20, 2015
Luke needs Jessica’s help to find the brother of someone who has evidence on who killed Luke’s wife. Jessica’s hidden link to Luke is revealed and threatens everything she has.
7 “AKA Top Shelf Perverts” Simon Cellan Jones Jenna Reback & Micah Schraft November 20, 2015
Jessica works on another trap for Kilgrave after he kills someone she knows. Jeri Hogarth’s personal life reaches a downward spiral, because of her aggressive personality and what Jessica does.
8 “AKA WWJD?” Simon Cellan Jones Scott Reynolds November 20, 2015
Jessica spends time with Kilgrave trying to see what made him so depraved. Jessica turns the tables on Kilgrave. Trish and Simpson debate on how to get rid of Kilgrave.
9 “AKA Sin Bin” John Dahl Jamie King & Dana Baratta November 20, 2015
Simpson is injured after finding Kilgrave’s safe-house and more about him is revealed. Jessica tries to coerce a confession from Kilgrave and learns another way to do it- by finding his mom and dad.
10 “AKA 1,000 Cuts” Rosemary Rodriguez Dana Baratta & Micah Schraft November 20, 2015
After Kilgrave escapes, he forces Jeri to take him to her ex-wife who is a doctor. Jessica learns how Kilgraves powers function and Kilgrave’s scientist father tries to make a vaccine to his powers.
11 “AKA I’ve Got the Blues” Uta Briesewitz Scott Reynolds & Liz Friedman November 20, 2015
The truth about Simpson’s special forces past is shown, as he takes red pills to up his adrenaline. This causes him to go on a kill mission for Kilgrave, leaving Jessica and Trish to stop his out of control blood-lust. Kilgrave learns about Luke and makes an example of him to Jessica.
12 “AKA Take a Bloody Number” Billy Gierhart Hilly Hicks, Jr. November 20, 2015
Luke recounts what Kilgrave made him do, making him realize what Jessica feels because of Kilgrave’s connection to her and the two work together to end Kilgrave.
13 “AKA Smile” Michael Rymer Story by: Jamie King & Scott Reynolds
Teleplay by: Scott Reynolds & Melissa Rosenberg
November 20, 2015
Claire Temple, after treating Luke for injuries, sees he is superhuman and helps Jessica move him to her apartment for treatment. Kilgrave’s powers have reached a powerful new threshold and is willing to use it to end Jessica however he can. Trish tells Jessica she may have found a clue to how she got her powers.