Kickstarter Friday: En Esch and HUG

Kickstarter Friday: En Esch and HUG
Yo People!

Happy Friday and all that.

Music Kickstarter Projects that are worth your money´s…
We thought we are gonna help you to sort out what music there are out there worth putting your buckaroos into.
There´s an overload of crap that are not worth attention and then there are some very good stuff that deserves your attention and above all your $€£….

We found 2 projects worthy of paying up for.

Kickstarter Friday: En Esch and HUG


This dude is a legend. He has been around longer than you have been alive (possibly)…
He is a former KMFDM collaborator and also had a solo project called Slick Idiot (awesome stuff btw). He also have a past with legendary group Pigface.

He is releasing his new material through Pledge Music.
Check out the music all ready on there and put a few of your hard earned (or easy earned) money on him.
He deserves it. And it´s good music…

Pledge Here!
En Esch Facebook Page

#2 Hanzel Und Gretyl (HUG)

These two metal heads have produced some of the recent years most heavy and awesome albums (we are thinking of: Uber Alles and Scheissmessiah, the latest one(Born to be heiled) lacked in production in our opinion …sorry but its true).

Pledge here!
HUG Facebook Page