KMFDM has announced three new releases for 2014


KMFDM has announced three new releases for 2014. First to be released is the We Are Kmfdm live album on September 9, collecting the music from KMFDM’s 2013 tours. This will be followed by the new single Genau (The German in You) on September 23, and concluded by the band’s 19th studio album, Our Time Will Come. This is KMFDM’s first non-five-character album since Hau Ruck (with Tohuvabohu granted an exception for its Hebrew spelling). In related news, a wide variety of KMFDM merchandise, including limited-edition VIRUS shirts and military gear, are available now through the KMFDM store.

Preview the album “Our Time Will Come” on Soundcloud below

Release Date for OTWC is 10/14/14

Pre Order the album here: Our Time Will Come