KMFDM announces new Live Video 'We Are KMFDM'


So KMFDM are announcing their first Live Video in ten years due out next year (2015). Called “We Are KMFDM” ..duh…
From the promotion page described as this:
“Punch Drunk Presents the first live KMFDM concert recording in over ten years. Cut from over 50hrs of live concert footage and including exclusive interviews with Kapt’n K, Lucia Cifarelli, Jules Hodgson, Steve White, and Andy Selway. STAY TUNED.

WE are mildly interested and hope that it is way better than their last release “Our time will come” which turned out to be their worst release by far to date. Ugh. Embarrassing really. Let´s remember all the good they have done in the past and forget about this debacle…



KMFDM is an initialism for the nonsensical and grammatically incorrect German phrase Kein Mehrheit Für Die Mitleid, which literally translates as “no majority for the pity”, but is typically given the loose translation of “no pity for the majority”.In the original phrase, the articles preceding the nouns Mehrheit and Mitleid are inflected for the wrong gender, as the proper declension would be Keine Mehrheit für das Mitleid. Swapping the two nouns yields the grammatically correct Kein Mitleid Für Die Mehrheit, which translates directly as “no pity for the majority”. In a 2003 interview, Konietzko explained the origins of the phrase:

“On the morning of February 29th, 1984 I woke up and went down to breakfast at a hotel in Paris. We had a show that night opening for an exhibition for young European artists. … we needed a motto for the night so that we could make up some fliers and post them around. There was a German newspaper on the table and so I started cutting out words and threw them all into a cap. We picked a few of them out and it read “Kein Mehrheit Fur Die Mitleid[“]. It’s kinda improper German in regards to its translation but in the DA-DA-esque [sic] mindset of the early morning it made perfect sense. So when I was on my way back to Hamburg I’d mentioned it to Raymond [Watts]. He liked it but he was having difficulty pronouncing it correctly. So finally he said, ‘Why don’t you just call it KMFDM?’ So that was it. We were KMFDM.”

KMFDM was officially founded in Paris, France, on February 29, 1984, as a performance art project between Sascha Konietzko and German painter and multimedia artist Udo Sturm at the opening of an exhibition of young European artists at the Grand Palais.The first show consisted of Sturm playing an ARP 2600 synthesizer, Konietzko playing vacuum cleaners and bass guitars with their amplifiers spread throughout the building, and four Polish coal miners (whom Konietzko had met at a bordello) pounding on the foundations of the Grand Palais.