The Legendary Pink Dots are back with a new great concept album + Tour


The Legendary Pink Dots are back with a new great concept album. (Tour Dates below)

This is first Volume of a complex story about conspiracy, magic, and spirituality. Minimal synths, guitars, syncopated rhythms that are making weird, psychedelic and transcendental noises which are of course accompanied by the distinctive voice of Ka-Spel. Lying on your sofa, pumping up the volume and just dream away on their ethereal sounds.
10 to the Power of 9 is a dark and exceptional trip into their warped and bizarre musical psyche.

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The Legendary Pink Dots are back with a new great concept album + Tour



The Legendary Pink Dots discography
Studio albums 39
Live albums 18
Compilation albums 35
Singles 14
Video albums 7

The Legendary Pink Dots (LPD) are an Anglo-Dutch experimental rock band formed in London in August 1980.In 1984 the band moved to Amsterdam, playing with rotating musicians and having, as core members, singer/songwriter/keyboardist Edward Ka-Speland keyboardist Phil Knight. As of 2012, the group is composed of Edward Ka-Spel (vocals, keyboards, songwriter), Phil Knight(keyboards, electronics), Erik Drost (guitars) and Raymond Steeg (live sound engineer).

Although outside the mainstream (in terms of their music and career path), LPD have released more than 40 albums, have a devoted worldwide following, and tour frequently.

The band was originally called “One Day…”  but subsequently changed the name to The Legendary Pink Dots, apparently inspired by pink dots on certain keys of the band’s main recording studio piano.

In the 1980s the band released albums on Mirrodot and InPhaze; in 1985 they signed with Play It Again Sam for the release of The Lovers.The line-up had become stable by 1988, with Niels van Hoornblower (horns) and Bob Pistoor (guitar) joining in time for the band’s 1988 US tour. Pistoor died of cancer and his place was filled by Martijn de Kleer; drummer Ryan Moore completed the line-up live and in the studio. Their appeal has always been relatively small–a 1995 show in Mexico in front of 2,500 fans was described as “massive (by Dots’ standards)”.

Their music touches on elements of neo-psychedelia, ambient music, electronic music, tape music, industrial, psych folk, synth-pop,post-punk, progressive, jazz, noise, pop, and goth rock, with a distinctly experimental/avant-garde bent; their sound has evolved over time and remains distinctive, making it difficult to place the group into a concise style or genre. The group’s overall sound combined with Ka-Spel’s distinct lyrics and singing have earned comparisons to Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett; the group also has links to the sounds of krautrock bands such as Can,Faust, Brainticket, Magma or Neu! (whose “Super” they covered on the 1999 tribute album “A Homage to NEU!”).

The Pink Dots frequently collaborated with Skinny Puppy‘s cEvin Key, forming a side project named The Tear Garden. Key also played drums on several tracks of the 1994 LPD album 9 Lives to Wonder.

Ryan Moore, who drummed on studio and live performances for the Legendary Pink Dots, left to work on his own musical outlet, theTwilight Circus Dub Sound System. He wrote and produced albums for Michael Rose of Black Uhuru, and has worked with other reggae figures such as Sly Dunbar.

The Pink Dots have influenced a wide range of bands, such as The Dresden Dolls, MGMT, and Skinny Puppy.

TOUR Dates (so far) Scheduled 2014:

European shows for 2014

Latest tour news for Legendary Pink Dots promises no less than four shows in the Czech Republic in November, preceded by an appearance at the Wroclaw Industrial Festival.


6 NOVEMBER   Berlin (DE)- Urban Spree

7 NOVEMBER  Wroclaw (PL)- Wroclaw Industrial Festival: Gothic Hall

8 NOVEMBER   Ostrava (CZ)- Marley Club

9 NOVEMBER   Prague (CZ)- Vagon

10 NOVEMBER CZ-  to be confirmed

11 NOVEMBER  Vienna (AT) Szene Wien

12 NOVEMBER Znomjo (CZ)-  to be confirmed

13 NOVEMBER Nürnberg (DE)- Der Cult

14 NOVEMBER  Liege (BE)- L’Escalier

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