Marvel To Turn The Inhumans Into A Movie

Really? The “Inhumans” gets to become a movie? Bah. We are mildly impressed. There are so many more exciting projects in our opinions that should be done before that (see below our Top 3 choices).
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From Den Of Geek:

Marvel has hinted that it’s been looking at The Inhumans before, and Collider is reporting that Joe Robert Cole has penned a screenplay, which the studio is going to be taking out to filmmakers. As with Guardians Of The Galaxy, the chosen filmmaker will then be able to work with the script, and tailor it a little more.

Who are The Inhumans? They’re a Stan Lee and Jack Kirby creation, the result of experiments by an alien race. Following said experiments, they set up a society of their own, secluded from humanity, developing their own advanced technology. Led by Black Bolt, amongst their number are Karnak, Gorgon, Triton, Maximus The Mad and Lockjaw. In the comics, The Inhumans have crossed over with several other Marvel characters, including The Avengers.



OUR TOP 3 Marvel Characters that SHOULD be filmed next:










I mean, hey this guy is cool as few and deserves a much better fate then be left with that poor excuse of a film they did in the past.


Otherz: Well we would have expanded the list with the likes of Doctor Strange but that´s all ready happening, no?