New From Zola Jesus 'Nail' (Video)

New From Zola Jesus ‘Nail’ (Video)

Zola Jesus has shared a video for her Taiga single “Nail”. Directed by frequent collaborator Jacqueline Castel, the clip sees Zola Jesus (Nika Roza Danilova) performing the song in the claustrophobic confines of a sensory deprivation bed. [via Pitchfork]

In a press release, Castel explained the intense stunt Danilova pulled off for the video:

The video for “Nail” conceptually explores the dualistic themes of vulnerability and strength, bondage and freedom, death and rebirth in parallel to the lyrical content of the song. Performing within a custom made sensory deprivation bed built by S&M pioneers Kink Engineering, Nika was sealed between sheets of opaque black latex with a high powered shop vac for each take – a physically aggressive and demanding form of restraint that requires breathing through rubber tubing constructed within the bed. Stripped of the superfluities of the flesh, her performance reveals the surreality of the dehumanized form.


Zola Jesus:

09-24 Madison, WI – Wisconsin Union Theatre
09-25 Urbana, IL – Pygmalion Festival
09-26 Cincinnati, OH – Midpoint Festival
10-29 Barcelona, Spain – Razz 2
10-31 Madrid, Spain – Taboo
11-01 Porto, Portugal – Maus Hábitos
11-03 Lisbon, Portugal – Music Box
11-05 Athens, Greece – Fuzz
11-06 Istanbul, Turkey – ISKV Cultural Center
11-07 London, England – Illuminations Festival