New Stargate Film Trilogy Reboot coming up?

New Stargate Film Trilogy  Reboot coming up?

Roland Emmerich finally starts shooting Independence Day 2 this year, ahead of its release next summer. And after that, he and producer Dean Devlin look like they’re going to be pressing ahead with the planned movie reboot of Stargate.

It was revealed last year that the pair were looking at a new film trilogy for the series, and the project appears to have moved forward with the news that writers have now been recruited. James A Woods and Nicolas Wright, who worked on the script for Independence Day 2, have been hired to have a crack at the new Stargate feature.

It’s unclear at this stage what the focus of the new trio of Stargate films will be. Will they, for instance, tie closely to Emmerich’s original film, or will they instead tap into the many seasons of the Stargate television universe? Those are questions that remain unanswered thus far. More here