New Video From El Perro Del Mar - "Breadandbutter"

New Video From El Perro Del Mar – “Breadandbutter”


‘We all come from the same same pattern pattern’

Video by El Perro Del Mar and Nicole Walker
Director of Photography: Marcus Palmqvist
Editor: Ellen von Zweigbergk
Costume, styling and set design: Nicole Walker

Available on your streaming service of choice
Ging Ging Recordings, 2016


El Perro del Mar (literally “The Dog of the Sea” in Spanish (Sea Dog [English] = “marulk” [Swedish], “sea dog” – an old or experienced sailor [English]) is a musical project that was founded in December 2003 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The sole member of El Perro del Mar, Sarah Assbring, initially started as an MP3/CD-R artist and released her first songs through Hybris Records. Her music could be described as melancholic indie pop.

From 2004 to late 2005, Assbring’s records had only been released by the Swedish label, Hybris, but in 2006, she experienced a host of new-found success whenEl Perro del Mar was picked up by UK-based label, Memphis Industries, under which Dungen and The Go! Team also release. Prior to the self-titled album, Assbring had recorded and released Look! It’s El Perro del Mar! and the EP You Gotta Give to Get, in Spring 2005 and November 2005 respectively.

In early 2007, El Perro del Mar ended its relationship with Hybris and began a new relationship with The Concretes‘s label, Licking Fingers. Its second full-length album, titled From the Valley to the Stars, was released in Spring 2008. During the recording of her fifth album, Pale Fire, Assbring became a mother