New Warcraft Posters out! Trailer to arrive in November

New Warcraft Posters out! Trailer to arrive in November


The first trailer for the Warcraft movie isn’t arriving until November. Here are some posters to tide you over…

It feels like a long, long time since we had a new Duncan Jones movie, and by the time his movie of Warcraft finally makes it to our screens next year, five years will have passed since Source Code. The upside is that in 2016, we may end up with two new films from the director, courtesy of his decision to try and press ahead with another project as well, Mute. Details of that here.

At San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend, one or two more details were released about the upcoming Warcraft movie, which is now due next June. We’re not getting a trailer, for instance, until November, although some footage was shown of the new feature.

What we do have though is a pair of new posters for the film that were released in the aftermath of Comic-Con. So we figured we’d bring you those for new…[Article clipped from Den of Geek]

warcraft_0 warcraft_2h