'Resident Evil' TV show 'Arklay' in development

Maybe, you have heard of this already? That ‘Resident Evil’ TV show ‘Arklay’ in development and it´s gonna be based on the Video games and not the movies. That sounds like a wet dream to all the nerds out there and what we all wanted from the beginning from the movies.

The movies have their own franchise’s now and seem to spin away to a complete own thing further away from the games.
And now it seems like we gotta have to wait a little longer for another Resident Evil movie...

It´s about time we get a proper Zombie serie, even though we have nothing against The excellent Walking Dead. But its just something about the whole Umbrella cooperation thing that appeals to us and there are so many more stories to tell!

For those not familiar with the Resident Evil story; The Resident Evil games center around a zombie apocalypse, featuring survival/horror/action gameplay. It’s set largely in a fictional place called Raccoon City, which is home to the secretive Umbrella Corporation. Umbrella is responsible for creating a bio-weapon called the “T-virus,” the pathogen that causes the zombie apocalypse.

Mance Media, a relatively new studio and distributor without any major credits yet to its name, is in early development stages on a TV series inspired by the Resident Evil game franchise. Its name is “Arklay,” a reference to the Arklay Mountains, a fictional area of the United States where Raccoon City is located. In the Arklay Mountains, players encountered Arklay Laboratory, the clandestine facility where Umbrella first created the T-virus.

According to Mance Media, the TV series will have no connection to the Milla Jovovich movies (which themselves have very little in common with the games), instead looking to create something more like “The Walking Dead,” that’s faithful to the source material. The story follows a new character to the franchise, Detective James Reinhardt, as he first comes to Raccoon City and investigates a series of strange homicide cases. It’s not long before he realizes that a dark, dangerous conspiracy lurks within the city, a conspiracy connected to a fatal virus.


 (image and Video from the Game Resident Evil 6)

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