Review: The Bonazzoli Band -'American Ghost Stories'

Review: The Bonazzoli Band -‘American Ghost Stories’

The Bonazzoli band is a mix of Rock, Country, Blues and Swing as they describe themselves. Which is pretty much accurate. When we listened though the album “American Ghost stories” we were surprised in more than one way.
It is surely surprising in how good it is as we never heard of this band before. It features 14 tracks of songs in mixed styles that reminds sometimes of The Cramps and other times of Elvis. So there is no loss of variety here. The singing is very good and the songwriting as well is top notch and we can see ourselves playing this in the office along the working week.

The Bonazzoli band is truly a gem if you are into The Cramps, Elvis or Calexico.
We rarely five out high scores if we don´t play the album regularly ourselves but in this case we can not hold back anything less than 8 of 10 from D3bris!
Excellentwork! This brightened our day!

Listen below!